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1. Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf Dare
2. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Runnin' down a dream
3. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Fooled again
4. Traveling Wilburys Dirty World
5. The Sewer Rats Waiting for a letter
6. Andreas Diehlmann Band Full Grown Man
7. The Weight Inside
8. The Weight A Good Thing
9. The Weight Get some
10. Highway Danger Zone
11. Fats Domino Blueberry Hill
12. Fats Domino Hello Josephine
13. Fats Domino It ain't a shame
14. Fats Domino I'm walking
15. Polar Circle The Flow
16. Operation Mindcrime Wake me up
17. Highway Separate Ways
18. Corroded Feel Fine
19. The Baboon Show Same Old Story
20. Lesoir Modern Goddess
21. Doro Für immer
22. Blind Ego A Place in the sun
23. Tom Petty Saving grace
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1. Chris Janson Redneck Life
2. The Scott Bullock Trio 40 Miles
3. Jaimi Faulkner Overstayed my welcome
4. Glen Campbell Postcard from Paris
5. Glen Campbell Adios
6. Chris Jagger Channel Fever
7. Elles Bailey Perfect Storm
8. Heckel & Steglitz Rendevouz am Bahnsteig
9. Ghostdown Company A lost one's Ballad
10. Rothacher All I want
11. Don Williams The Answer
12. Don Williams Stronger Back
13. Egil Olsen You save the day
14. Linda Ronstadt Poor poor pitful me
15. Daniel Cavanagh Oceans of time
16. Cody McCarver No such thing as a miracle
17. Chris Young Where I go when I drink
18. House by the lake North Sea
19. Pauline's Choice Bruichladdich
20. PurPur Feed the Raven
21. Neal Hoffmann One of them
22. Owen Meanys Batting Stance Growth
23. Hugo Martin Shadows
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1. Babylon A. D. Crash and burn
2. Jaimi Faulkner Back Road
3. As Lions Pieces
4. Groundswimmer Roadhouse Stop
5. Groundswimmer Black Sheep
6. Prime Circle Weapons of war
7. Rothacher Never gonna be
8. Heckel & Steglitz Mainstream oder genial
9. Paulines Choice Lila Horitschka
10. Jonny Lang Make it move
11. Phantom 5 Crossfire
12. World War me Don't hold your breath
13. Mundwerk Crew Laut
14. The New Roses The same moon
15. The New Roses Piece by peace of mind
16. The Lovely Days One day in heaven
17. Krptonite Keep the dream alive
18. Daydream XI Open the curtains
19. Saturday Heroes Pineroad
20. The Weight Blow it (live)
21. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Don't come around here no more
22. Jaimi Porter Band Can't stop loving you
23. Ghostdown Company Plastic World
24. Groundswimmer Closing Track
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1. Quiet Riot Can't get enough
2. Tyler Leads Dreameater
3. Egil Olsen Better Man
4. Sons of Texas Beneath the riverbed
5. The Sigourney Weavers Tribulation
6. Tangerine Dream Tear down the grey skies
7. Will Hoge The Reckoning (Album der Sendungen Sep/Okt - Anchors)
8. Will Hoge Baby's Eyes (Album der Sendungen Sep/Okt - Anchors)
9. WorldTrade Where we're going
10. Across the Atlantic Sundress Funeral
11. Rothacher Lonely Man
12. Märvel Monsters grow in the dark
13. The Great Beyond A better place
14. Owen Meany Batting Stance Pop Odyssey the First Peron Narrative
15. Wayward Sons I don't wanna go
16. The Loranes Get away
17. Heckel & Steglitz Weltenwanderer
18. Hugo Martin Intimacy
19. Lunatic Soul Anymore
20. Heart Ovt Home is where the heart is
21. Steelheart My Word
22. Hällas Illusion Sky
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1. Grande Royale I'm on the loose
2. The New Roses Quarter to twelve
3. The Morrings Amsterdam
4. House by the lake Glacial Place
5. Dynamite March on
6. Ni Sala Clear your mind
7. Mystery Dear Someone (live)
8. Dirty Thrills Rabbit Hole
9. Wiesner Schizophren
10. ELOY The Call
11. The Flying Eyes Sing Praise
12. Ulrich Ellison & The Tribe America
13. Neal Hoffmann Maybe Arizona
14. John Garner The Ooooh Song
15. Hell in the club The Phantom Punch
16. The Quireboys Shame, shame, shame
17. GUN Boy who fooled the world
18. The Scotty Bullock Trio The Road
19. Triggerfinger Upstairs Box
20. Freund von Anton Wölfe
21. Hard Working Amerincans Mission Accomplished (live)
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1. The Legendary Shot in the dark
2. Grande Royale Breaking News
3. The Moorings Captain Watson's Gang
4. The New Roses The Storm
5. Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real Set me down on a cloud
6. Ni Sala Beast in me
7. Tracker Electrosmog
8. Dynamite Beg, Barrow and Steal
9. The Loranes Paint it black
10. Vintage Trouble Run like the river
11. Wiesner Leb dein Leben
12. Tom Jones I'm alive
13. Neal Hoffmann Under a different sun
14. Vintage Trouble Another Man's word
15. Frumpy Duty
16. Will Hoge Angels Wings
17. Shelly Lynne & Allison Moorer Looking for blue eyes
18. Chi Coltrane Road to tomorrow
19. Wiesner Ein Sturm zieht wieder über's Land
20. The Cadillac Three Cadillacin'
21. Dynamite Rock'n'Roll ain't dead
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1. Will Hoge Little bit of rust
2. Joan Osborne High water
3. Willie Nile Abandoned Love
4. The Cadillac Three Hank & Jesus
5. Sivert Höyem Lioness (live)
6. John Garner Killer of my mind
7. Curse of lono Just my head
8. Parker Willingham You get me every time
9. John Baumann Holding it down
10. Zac Brown Band Family Table
11. The New Roses One more for the road
12. Linda Ronstadt Just one look
13. Linda Ronstadt You're no good
14. Justin Townes Earle Kids in the street
15. Luke Combs This one's for you
16. David Rawlings Put 'em up solid
17. Gillian Welch Go on downtown
18. Joe Nichols Breathless
19. Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer It's not dark yet
20. Sara Evans Long way down
21. Lukas Nelson & Promise of the real Set me down on a cloud
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1. Elvis Presley Let yourself go
2. Elvis Presley Speedway
3. Elvis Presley Goin' Home
4. Elvis Presley Guitar Man
5. Elvis Presley Big Boss Man
6. Elvis Presley Hi-heel Sneakers (long take)
7. Elvis Presley You'll never walk alone (long take)
8. Elvis Presley We call on him
9. Elvis Presley U.S. Male
10. Elvis Presley Stay away
11. Elvis Presley Edge of Reality
12. Elvis Presley Charro!
13. Elvis Presley Almost
14. Elvis Presley Clean up your own backyard
15. Elvis Presley Little less conversation
16. Elvis Presley Medley: Trouble/Guitar man (68 Comeback)
17. Elvis Presley That's alright (Sit down Show 68 Comeback)
18. Elvis Presley Trying to get to you (Sit down Shown 68 Comeback)
19. Elvis Presley One Night (Sit down Show 68 Comeback)
20. Elvis Presley Gospel-medley: Where could I go but to the Lord/Up above my head/Saved
21. Elvis Presley Medley: Nothingville/Big Boss Man/Guitar Man/Little Egypt/Trouble/Guitar Man
22. Elvis Preley Jailhouse Rock (Stand up Show 68 Comeback)
23. Elvis Presley Can't help falling in love (Stand up Show 68 Comeback)
24. Elvis Presley Baby what you want me to do (Stand up Show 68 Comeback)
25. Elvis Presley Memories (Sit down Show 68 Comeback)
26. Elvis Presley If I can dream (Finale 68 Comeback)
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1. The Voodoo Fix Not the only one
2. Jason Isbell and the 400 unit Anxiety
3. Dead Heavens Away from the speed
4. Willie Nile A hard rain's gonna fall
5. Curse of lono London Rain (Album der Sendung "Severed")
6. Jive Mother Mary The Climb
7. Pristine You're the one
8. Curse of lono Pick up the pieces (Album der Sendung "Severed")
9. Tracker A loose personification of time
10. Paper Tigers Better than you
11. The Watch Tightrope
12. Giant Sleep Stella
13. Sivert Hoyem Prisoner of the road
14. Sivert Hoyem Into the sea
15. Soft Ride How deep is the night
16. Anna Coogan Follow me
17. Emerald Edge Be careful of the secret path
18. Amplifier Horse
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1. Gretchen Wilson Bad Feeling (feat. Kid Rock)
2. Bob Wayne Wake me up
3. Jive Mother Mary Plains, Trains & Automobiles
4. Kronus Quartet Johnny has gone for a soldiert (mit Nathalie Merchant)
5. The Henry Girls Slow Down
6. Glen Campbell Just like always
7. Jason Eady Waiting to shine
8. Jon Wolfe Boots on a dance floor
9. Christopher Paul Stelling A Tempest
10. Rodney Crowell Forty Miles from nowhere
11. Svavar Knutur Vid og vig
12. Linda Ronstadt Heat Wave
13. Linda Ronstadt It doesn't matter anymore
14. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Anxiety
15. Colter Wall Kate McCannon
16. John Mellencamp What kind of man am I (feat. Carlene Carter)
17. Brad Paisley Drive of shame (feat. Mick Jagger)
18. Outlaw Highwayman (live - feat. Willie Nelson)
19. Willie Nelson Your memory has mind of it's own
20. Jive Mother Mary The Ride
21. The Beat Farmers You can't judge a book by the cover (live)
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1. The Weight The Doctor (live)
2. The Weight Maybe (live)
3. The Weight Blow it (live)
4. The Weight Money ain't for keeping (live)
5. Siena Root Outlander
6. Siena Root Tales of independence
7. Siena Root Growing Underground
8. Siena Root 7 years
9. Stray Train Soulseller
10. Radio Haze Wastelands
11. Radio Haze Momentum
12. Radio Haze Paint the sky bloodred
13. Mothership Crown of lies
14. Radio Haze Still repeading
15. Stray Train Man or stone
16. Stray Train Can't buy happiness
17. Stray Train Wander Man
18. Stray Train I wish I could be free
19. Radio Haze Insomania 1 + 2
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1. Normahl Fraggles
2. Idiots Dynamo Doppelkorn
3. Aufbruch Komm mit mir
4. Abwärts Alkohol
5. Das Ding Das Leben ist gemein
6. 3. Wahl Alles vergeht
7. L.A.R.S. Zug durch die Gemeinde
8. Human Hamster Hybrids Eine neue Liebe ist wie ein neues Leben
9. Die Toten Hosen Und so weiter
10. Mofagang Dumm oder gemein
11. Hannenalks Olga Grasowka
12. Die Bilanz Schnaps aus Kartoffeln
13. Hausvabot Tanz mit mir
14. Bärchen und die Milchbubis Jung kaputt spart Altersheime
15. DAF Verschwende deine Jugend
16. Der KFC Wie lange noch
17. ZK Dosenbier
18. Else Admire & The Breitengüssbach Dolls Metzgereiverkäuferin
19. Tonnensturz Zirkow Rügen Rock´n´Roll
20. Tunnelangst Lachen
21. Hass Wie Alkohol
22. Popperklopper Valium fürs Volk
23. Hans-a-Plast Rock´n´Roll Freitag
24. Safi Montagkönig Dienstagtot
25. Cut My Skin Suicide Pact
26. Schlepphoden Ihr wisst doch was ihr wollt
27. Classless Kulla & Istari Lasterfahrer Bezugsgruppe
28. Frau Potz Ich will dich
29. Adam Angst Wochenende. Saufen. Geil
30. Gleichlaufschwankung Nasentattoo
31. Angeschissen Liebesfalle
32. Die goldenen Zitronen Dein langes Haar
33. FSK Lieber ein Glas zuviel
34. Kalte Krieger Weiss fällt der Schnee
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1. The Legendary Rocket Ship
2. Wolf Prayer Like a fool
3. Kyles Tolonne Ghost
4. The devil and the allmighty blues North road
5. Manolo Panic All you are
6. Death by chocolate Give us a reason
7. Backwood Spirit Give me good lovin
8. Bask The lonesome sound
9. Furious Few Hail Mary
10. Furious Few Lines
11. Sons of Morpheus Riding the wave
12. The Electric Coast Dying next week
13. The Henry Girls Oh why
14. Bruce Sudano Coney Island Days
15. Lost World Band Watchbird
16. Steam Morrisler Red Voodoo Babe
17. The Legendary Tomorrow
18. Bent Knee Counselor
19. Wolf Prayer According to the rule
20. Dick Back to hell (in der 1. Stunde, als 5. Lied)
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1. Tequila Mockingbyrd This ain't dead
2. Brother Ape Let the right one in
3. Robyn Hitchcock Autumn Sunglasses
4. Wolf Prayer Desert
5. SoulMatic Flying away
6. Bask In the black fire (Album der Sendung "Ramble Beyond")
7. Sean Rowe I'll follow your trail
8. The Henry Girls More love, more silence
9. Erja Lyytinnen City of Angels
10. Sidburn Got to move on
11. Mighty Magnolias Higher Ground
12. Demon Heads Thunder on the fields
13. Siamese Smile False Awakings 1: Lucidity
14. Siamese Smile False Awakings 2: Continuum
15. Spencer City Lights
16. Moritz Ecker All I ever wanted
17. 13 Crowes Jenny Rose
18. Kyles Tolone Seasons
19. Odd Logic Iron Skyline
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1. Danny Worsnop Mexico
2. Rodney Crowell mit Roseanne Cash It ain't over yet
3. Sean Rowe Gas Station Rose
4. Alejandro Escovado Suit of lights
5. Worry Dolls She don't live here
6. Trace Adkins Jesus and Jones
7. Sameday Records Demons
8. Josh Turner All about you
9. Greg Graffin Backroads of my mind
10. Willie Nelson Whenever you come around
11. Jarrod Medulla Wrapped around your finger
12. Linda Ronstadt Hasten down the wind
13. Linda Ronstadt Birds (live at the Troubadour)
14. Cameron Avery Watch me take it away
15. Dailey & Vincent mit Steve Martin California
16. Sam Outlaw Tenderheart
17. Free Bears Guitars & Cadillacs
18. Little Big Town Lost in California
19. Aaron Watson Rolling Stone
20. Hurray for the Riff Raff Pa'lante
21. Son Volt Sinking down
22. Sunny Sweeney Pass the pain
23. Ted Z and the Wranglers Ball and Chain
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1. Memphis Slim We're gonna Rock
2. Memphis Slim, mit Willie Dixon, Jump Jackson Stewball
3. John Lee Hooker Shake it Baby
4. John Lee Hooker The right time
5. Sonny Boy Williamson I don't know
6. Victoria Spivey Grant Spivey
7. Matt Guitar Murphy Matts Guitar Boogie
8. Lonnie Johnson It's too late to cry
9. Muddy Waters Five long years
10. Carrey Bell I'm trying to make London my home
11. Sam Lightnin Hopkins Ain't it pity
12. Howlin Wolf Dust my broom
13. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Hootin the Blues
14. Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Back Water Blues
15. Bukka White Old Lady
16. Big Mama Thornton Ball in Chain
17. Robert Pete Williams Look here woman
18. Margie Evans and others Next time I see you
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1. A Hurricane's Revenge Fool me
2. The Electric Alley Get electrified!
3. Pontiak Hidden Prettiness
4. Sari Schorr & The Engine Room Stop! In the name of Love (mit Bericht vom Konzert bei den Rother Bluestagen)
5. Planting Robots Getting stronger
6. Lioncage Journeyman (Album der Sendung "The second strike")
7. All them witches Internet (Album der Sendung "Sleeping through the war")
8. Wolvespirit You know that I'm evil
9. Wolf Maahn Die Sucht der Träumer (live)
10. Regulus Bones
11. Woodland Got me wrong
12. The Sadies The Elements Song
13. Die Versenker Denkmal
14. The DeSoto Caucus Let it glow
15. Binoculers But Oh!
16. Brantley Gilbert It's about to get dirty
17. Quinn Sullivan Buffalo Nickel
18. Miraculous Mule Holy Fever
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1. U.F.O. Borderline
2. Bernie Marsden feat. Joe Bonamasse Shine
3. Paice, Ashton. Lord (mit Bernie Marsden) The Ballad of Mr. Giver (live)
4. U.F.O Messiah of Love
5. U.F.O Love deadly love
6. Scorpions (mit Michael Schenker) Love Driver
7. Chicken Shack (mit Paul Raymond) Pony and Trap
8. U.F.O Ballad of the lefthand gun
9. Way/Mogg Living and dying
10. U.F.O Precious Cargo
11. Alice Cooper (mit Vinnie Moore) Hurricane Years
12. Lone Star (mit Paul Chapman) She said
13. Michael Schenkers' Temple of rock Let sleeping dogs lie
14. U.F.O Back Door Man
15. U.F.O The Real Deal
16. Mogg and the Sin of 4 Bad to bad
17. Gary Moore (mit Neil Carter) Over the hills and far away
18. U.F.O Running up the highway
19. Vinnie Moore Mustang Shuffle
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1. Prince Letitgo
2. Bobby Vee Take good care of my Baby
3. Troy Shondell Now that we're together
4. Leonard Cohen Treaty
5. Nektar That's life
6. Earth, Wind & Fire Serpentine Fire
7. Eagles The Last Resort
8. Elton John / Leon Russell If it wasn't for bad
9. Jefferson Airplane Alexander The Medium
10. George Michael Praying for time
11. Status Quo Rock'n'Roll over the world (akkustisch)
12. Elvis Presley mit Scotty Moore Mean Womann Blues
13. Merle Haggard What I hate!
14. Otis Clay Nickel and a nail
15. Booker T & the MGs Green Onions
16. Emerson, Lake & Palmer Trilogy
17. David Bowie mit Pat Methaney Group This is not America
18. Henry McCullough Belfast to Boston
19. Mott the Hoople All the young dudes
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1. The Ben Miller Band Hurry up and wait
2. Delbert McClinton Shotgun Rider
3. Maria Taylor There's only now
4. The White Buffalo The Pilot
5. Blues Brothers Rawhide
6. Juice Newton Goin' to work
7. William Michael Morgan Missing
8. Bob Seeger & The Silver Bullet Band Roll me away
9. Mark Knopfler Golden Heart
10. Southside Johnny & The Poor Fools Soon I will be gone
11. Johnny Cash Cocaine Blues
12. Sholves & Rope St. Anne's Parade
13. Brantley Gilbert It's about to get dirty
14. Eagles Bitter Creek
15. Lesley Kernochan Country in the city
16. Madison Violet Ohio
17. Linda Ronstadt Long, long time
18. Garth Brooks Standing outside the fire
19. Royal Wood Weight of stone
20. The Ben Miller Band Prettiest Girl
21. Gillian Welch By the mark
22. Orango Ghost Riders