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Moderation: Chris B. Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. hintergrund: for films Valentina in the Moonlight
2. ja, panik backup
3. elena steri pavement
4. beirut varietys of exile
5. die goldenenn zitronen nützlicher streß
6. gurr she says
7. the black elephant band Elefant Caught On Tape
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1. Big Gainer Heater
2. Yung Friends on Ice
3. Hila Ruach Advert Music
4. Peter Muffin Die Menschen müssen netter zueinander sein & eig. weniger Fleisch essen (feat. Lackmann)
5. Aloa Input Make It Rain
6. International Music Wassermann
7. Güner Künier Day After Drums
8. Michaela Meise Cemalim
9. Haich Ber Na 87 Days
10. Nun flog Dr. Bert Rabe Ein andermal
11. Lobsterbomb Yes yes yeah
12. Madsius Ovanda I Survived
13. Julien Baker Song in E
14. Schubsen Zwingende Aussicht
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Editrix Taste
2. Minutemen It's Expected I'm Gone
3. Felt Fortune
4. Kreisky Wenn einer sagt
5. The Notwist Sans Soleil
6. Indigo Sparke Colour Blind
7. Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive
8. Big Thief Not
9. Xiu Xiu Dear God, I Hate Myself
10. Mica Levi Liquorice feat. Relax Kevin
11. Handle Step By Step
12. Talking Heads Born Under Punches
13. No Trend Teen Love
14. The Cannanes Seatbelt
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl: Pyro
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1. akne kid joe was ist eigentlich dein scheiß problem
2. akne kid joe sarah
3. jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine blunder blubber
4. zsk ende der welt
5. zsk mein zuhause ist bei dir
6. anti flag a dying plea vol. 1
7. anti flag a dying plea vol. 2
8. teeth agency chucky had a bad day
9. teeth agency fly porridge
10. egg sorry haha, i fell asleep
11. tom sylva medicine man
12. tom sylva island
13. elena steri pavement
14. karl die große allesgönner
15. sleaford mods out there
16. sex bomb-omb we are sex bob-omb
Musikauswahl: andi pfi
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1. Black, Country, New Road Athens, France
2. The Lounge Society Cain's Heresy
3. Mogwai Supposedly, We Were Nightmares
4. Violent Soho Canada
5. Man On Man 1983
6. Billy Nomates 141
7. Skullcrusher Song for Nick Drake
8. Sophia Kennedy Cat On My Tongue
9. New Pagans Harbour
10. Whispering Sons Surface
11. Bob Vylan I Heard You Want Your Country Back
13. Lewis Inside The Day
14. Jose Gonzalez El Invento
Musikauswahl: andi pfi
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1. Stimming 22 Degree Halo
2. Can Vitamin C
3. Fjørt Paroli
4. pogendroblem Wir
5. Audio88 & Yassin Klingelton
6. Death From Above 1979 Trainwreck 1979
7. Mulo Francel With Münchener Rundfunkorchester, David Gazarov, Sven Faller & Robert Kainar Mocca Swing (Orchestra Version)
8. Lost Horizons Marie
9. Chelasea Wolfe Anhedonia
10. Elena Steri Pavement
11. CLAUD Cuff Your Jeans
12. Schreng Schreng & La La Alukappenspacken
Moderation: Hans Plesch Musikauswahl: Hans Plesch
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1. Germaine Tailleferre Image f. acht Instrumente (1918)
2. Auric/Durey/Honegger/Milhaud/Poulenc/Tailleferre A l b u m d e s S i x f. Klavier (1919)
3. Germaine Tailleferre Streichquartett (1917-19)
4. Auric/Honegger/Milhaud/Poulenc/Tailleferre Les mariés de la tour Eiffel (ballet-show, Cocteau, 1921)
5. Germaine Tailleferre 1. Violinsonate (1921)
6. Germaine Tailleferre Concertino f. Harfe u. Orchester (1926)
7. Germaine Tailleferre Fleurs de France f. Klavier (1930)
8. Germaine Tailleferre Pastorale f. Flöte u. Klavier (1942)
9. Germaine Tailleferre Hommage à Rameau. Partita f. zwei Klaviere u. Schlagzeug (1964)
Moderation: Crystal Musikauswahl: Crystal
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1. Eesah, Capleton & Lutan Fyah The Beginning Of Time
2. Kristine Alicia Eternity
3. Rosh Rebel Tomorrow
4. Amlak Redsquare Everything Will Be Alright
5. I Live Dappamann All Eyes On Jah
6. Macka B Hail Rasta
7. Awa Fall Can´t You See
8. Run Ja Boss KA Ganja Affi Bun
9. Delly Ranx Bring Di Ganja
10. Lutan Fyah Without Jah
11. Marla Brown Melody Me
12. Medisun One World
13. Gianna Long Way
14. Camhaj Give Thanks
15. Lineage Smilez One Big Garrison
16. Sukuward Bad Bwoy
17. Zamunda Marijuana
18. Jah Izrehl Sleeping Lion
19. Mykal Rose Street´s No More
20. Macka B Gentrification
21. Macka B Face to Face
22. Young Shanty Dancehall Vibes
23. Da Real Storm Protect Those Babies
24. Ras Frasier Jealousy
25. Lutan Fyah Propaganda
26. Queen Ifrica Melody Ride
27. Bomma With The Most High
28. Wayne Marshall Lots Of Sign
29. Kabaka Pyramid Nice Up The Dance
30. Kabaka Pyramid Love Mi Bad
31. Kabaka Pyramid Believe
32. Davianah Bad One
33. Bella Blair Gimmie A Light
34. Badda General The Message
35. Denyque Watch Him Tone
36. Ikaya Tek Him
37. Shaneil Muir The Pain
38. Jaz Elise Good Over Evil
Limbo Rhythm
Moderation: Dr. Best Musikauswahl: Dr. Best
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1. Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo Athens Jakarta Records
2. Ill Sugi Old Man (feat. Yagi) Cold Busted
3. FloFilz & The Deli Blueshift Jakarta Records
4. Emancipator & Asher Fulero Silk Tuxedo Loci Records
5. Emancipator & Asher Fulero Cuttin And Diggin Loci Records
6. Ol' Burger Beats & Vuyo Not For Sale Jakarta Records
7. Emancipator & Asher Fulero Gone For A Rip Loci Records
8. People Under The Stairs Acid Raindrops OM Records
9. Ted Ganung New Kicks Kraak Records
10. King Most Jazzy As Fug Agogo Records
11. Etienne de la Sayette (feat. Racecar) Jajinmori (Renegades Of Jazz Remix) Muju Records
12. Nicola Conte & Gianluca Petrella Imani River (feat. Bridgette Amofah) Schema Records
13. Funky Destination Silver Fire Timewarp Music
14. Eric B. & Rakim Don't Sweat The Technique (Second Hand Audio Remix) Bandcamp
15. Average White Band Pick Up The Pieces (Scocco Rework) Unreleased
16. D. Saunders Shook D. Saunders Music
17. Alex Puddu All I Want Is Your Love (feat. Rodney Stith) Schema Records
18. Jayl Funk & Quincy Jointz (feat. Georges Perin) Give Me Love (Original Mix) Sondae Records
19. Mustafa Akbar Resist (Fort Knox Five Remix) Fort Knox Recordings
20. Chico Mann When I Come To Ubiquity Records
21. Hoodna Orchestra Tey Gedyeleshem Agogo Records
22. The Invisible Session West Island Space Echo
23. Hot Damn Horns & The Soul Machine At The Laundromat Chaos
24. Agent 3 Secrets Below The Embassy Vintage League Music
25. The Natural Soul Hey (feat. Matt Schofield) Vintage League Music
26. Dojo Cuts Sonny's Strut Record Kicks
27. The Invisible Session Breathe The Rhythm Space Echo
28. Hannah Williams & The Affirmations 7am To Seville Record Kicks
29. Hot Damn Horns & The Soul Machine Help Chaos
30. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks Leftovers Hopestreet Recordings
31. Hot Damn Horns & The Soul Machine Shake Your Leg Chaos
32. Emma Donovan & The Putbacks Don't Give Up On Me Hopestreet Recordings
33. Marta Ren & The Groovelvets Smiling Faces Record Kicks
34. Tanika Charles Look At Us Now Record Kicks
35. Mike James Kirkland with Cold Diamond & Mink Closer Ubiquity Records
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. The Lounge Society Burn The Heather
2. Brodka & Scottibrains Wrong Party
3. Dry Cleaning Strong Feelings
4. Units Warm Moving Bodies
5. ESG Moody
6. Moor Moother And Billy Woods The Blues Remembers Everything The Country Forgot feat. Wolf Weston Of Saint Mela
7. Armand Hammer Frida
8. R.AGGS Exuberance
9. Keeley Forsyth Start Again
10. Rosa Anschütz Methane
11. Reymour Boris & Marcel
12. Kreisky Wenn einer sagt
13. Perfume Genius Describe
14. The Weather Station Robber
15. Aoife Nessa Frances Here In The Dark
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1. Ja, Panik Backup
2. Mogwai Ritchie Sacramento
3. Madlib Hopprock
4. El Michels Affair Murkit Gem
5. The Lounge Society Cain's Heresy
6. Black Country, New Road Science Fair
7. Virginia Wing Half Mourning
8. Mica Levi Blue Shit
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Mosbacher Musikauswahl: Christian Mosbacher
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1. Rats On Rafts Tokyo Music Experience
2. Pale Blue Eyes Motionless
3. Kìzis We Are Strong
4. Kìzis Side Of The Road
5. Pauline Anna Strom Marking Time
6. Lost Girls (Jenny Hval & Håvard Volden) Menneskekollektivet
7. Cassandra Jenkins Hard Drive
8. Sarah Mary Chadwick Always Falling
9. Sarah Mary Chadwick Don’t Like You Talking
10. Indigo Sparke Everything Everything
Moderation: Stefan Wagner Musikauswahl: Stefan Wagner
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1. stereo total das erste mal (mad professor dub trip 4)
2. stereo total everybody in the discotheque (i hate)
3. stereo total ich bin nackt
4. stereo total ach ach liebling
5. stereo total liebe zu dritt
6. stereo total miss rebellion des hormones 1
7. stereo total schön von hinten
8. stereo total wir tanzen im 4-eck
9. stereo total zu schön für dich
10. stereo total das erste mal
11. stereo total super girl
12. stereo total comme un garcon
13. stereo total komplex mit dem sex
14. stereo total supercool
15. stereo total bad news from the stars
16. stereo total oh yeah
17. stereo total und wer wird sich um mich kümmern?
18. stereo total adieu sophie
19. stereo total adieu adieu
Musikauswahl: Chris B. Moderation: Heike Demmel
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1. hintergrund: marsmobil palak paneer
2. agnes obel broken sleep
3. die sterne die besten demokratien
4. Bulbul Pumpgun Judy
5. akne kid joe sarah
6. the elephant circus broke my heart in two
7. andreas dorau der name der menschen
8. marathonmann das leben
9. casino blackout wenn alles dunkel ist
Musik spezial
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Falling Red If you ain't down with the Rock (zum Tod von Mikey Lawless)
2. Corrosion of Conformity Damned for all time (zum Tod von Reed Mulin)
3. Phil Phillips Sea of Love (zum Tod von Phil Phillips)
4. The Kingston Trio Medley: Tom Dooley/Greenback Dollar/Where have all the flowers gone (zum Tod von Bob Shane)
5. The Supernatural Family Band Don't ask me questions when I'm stoned (zum Tod von Tommy Hancock)
6. Ron Thompson Walkin' Blues (zum Tod von Ron Thompson)
7. The Sabres of Paradise R.S.D (zum Tod von Andrew Weatherall)
8. Gang of Four At home he's a tourist (zum Tod von Andy Gill)
9. Bill Withers Ain't no sunshine (zum Tod von Bill Withers)
10. Grover Washington jr. & Bill Withers Just the two of us (zum Tod von Bill Withers)
11. Cynic The Lion's Roar (zum Tod von Sean Reinert)
12. Julie Felix Clotho's Web (zum Tod von Julie Felix)
13. Henry Gray Boogie in the dark (zum Tod von Henry Gray)
14. Patti Smith Group Dancing Barefoot (zum Tod von Ivan Kral)
15. Chris Darrow Beware of time (zum Tod von Chris Darrow)
16. Kenny Rogers Medley: Lucille/The Coward of the county/The Gambler/Island in the stream (mit Dolly Parton) (zum Tod von Kenny Rogers)
17. Kenny Rogers & Sheena Easton We've got tonight (zum Tod von Kenny Rogers)
18. Sacred Reich 31 Flavors (zum Tod von Jason Rainey)
19. The Spotnicks Medley: Amapola/Ghostriders in the sky/Rocket Man (zum Tod von Bo Winberg)
20. United Jazz und Rock Ensemble Ausgeschlafen (zum Tod von Wolfgang Dauner)
21. Mazzy Star Blue Flower (zum Tod von David Roback)
22. New Riders of the Purple Sage Strangers of the train (zum Tod von Buddy Cage)
23. Psychic TV The LaLa Song (zum Tod von Genesis P. Orridge)
24. Rush The Analog Kid (zum Tod von Neil Peart)
Moderation: Chris B., Heike Demmel Musikauswahl: Chris B.
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1. hintergrund: for films valencia in the moonlight
2. Misty Miller with Rufus Miller What You Give To Me
3. Niko, Mal Élevé Rêves
4. Niko, Mal Élevé Viva la Anarquia
5. Bartleby Delicate Winters Dark
6. Average Pizza Fluffy The Ice Block
7. Elena Steri Pavement_JJ
8. Jennifer Evans Sight Gas Went Uh
9. Hazmat Suits Edit
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Christian Seitz Musikauswahl: Christian Seitz
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1. Meril Wubslin Laisser Parler Bongo Joe
2. Virginia Wing Moon Turn Tides Fire Rec
3. Communions Bird Of Passage Tambourhinoceros
4. Sarah Mary Chadwick Don't Like You Talking Rice Is Nice
5. Django Django Hold Fast Because Music
6. Eloise Hungover AWAL
7. Ohtis ft. Stef Chura Schatze Sadle Creek
8. Black Country, New Road Sunglasses Ninja Tune
Castrop Rauxel
Moderation: Pyro Musikauswahl:
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1. pogenproblem Utopie:Studierendenstadt
2. pogenproblem Schales Bier
3. masha qrella straßen
4. masha qrella nacht
5. jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine Satan's Combover
6. moddi little by little
7. sarah mary chadwick full mood
8. sarah mary chadwick a mothers love
9. antilopen gang roboter
10. ostberlin androgyn rückfall
11. fatoni&edgar wasser realität
12. schlammpeitziger handicapfalter
13. zsk no justice
14. sex bomb-omb sex bob-omb
Moderation: Axel Musikauswahl: Axel
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1. Leafing Little Ball Smoochie
2. Blessed Structure Flemish Eye
3. Squid Narrator Warp
4. Pardoner Donna Said Bar/None
5. Fake Fruit No Mutuals Rocks In Your Head
6. Standing On The Corner G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto Pt.1 XL
7. IT IT Voices Self-released
8. Spirit of the Beehive There s Nothing You Can t Do Saddle Creek
9. Max Black Face Today Self-released
10. Cairns This is Also the Place Self-released
11. Caithlin De Marrais (Let Me Have A) Diamond Heart Skeletal Lightning
Moderation: andi pfi Musikauswahl: andi pfi
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1. Idles Love Song
2. Chelsea Wolfe Anhedonia
3. LÜT Mersmak
4. Honningbarna Åh bliss
5. The Good, The Bad And The Zugly Staying With The Trouble
6. Undergrünnen Bann høgt
7. Death By Unga Bunga Modern Man
8. Black Pumas Strangers (feat. Lucius)
9. Audio88 & Yassin Garten (feat. Nura)
10. Lazy Lizzard Gang Eisbaer 2021
11. Dagobert For The Love Of Marie
12. Gordi & Alex Lahey Dino's
13. Chad Van Gaalen Samurai Sword
14. Cassia Powerlines
15. Ciel Pretty Face
16. Arlo Parks Collapsed In Sunbeams
17. Loathe The Rain Outside....