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1. Rips Losing II Faux Discx
2. Caroline Rose Money New West
3. Total Control Laughing At The System 1 Alter
4. Scul Hazzards Wake Work Sleep Rejuvenation
5. Fog Lake Dark Horse Out of Breath
6. Thigh Master Pity Run Bruit Direct
7. Coffee G Cooling Pie
8. Coffee N Cooling Pie
9. Crywank Woodchuck Self-released
10. Little Star Providence Good Cheer
11. Shame Concrete Dead Oceans
12. Kal Marks Adventure Exploding In Sound
13. Ada Rhubarb Pretty Purgatory
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1. And So I Watch You From Afar The Endless Shimmering Sargent House
2. High Pony Not Yet Self-released
3. Peter Muffin Sie hatten gar nichts Treibender Teppich
4. Nouveau Rue Force Tube Scooper
5. Melt Downer Mutter Numavi
6. Julie & The Wrong Guys Love And Leaving Dine Alone Music
7. Yours Are the Only Ears Saturn Self-released
8. Mimicking Birds Sunlight Daze Glacial Pace
9. Quicksand Interiors Epitaph
10. Whelpwisher The Chills Self-released
11. Slip Disco Same Day Delivery Self-released
12. Lucy Dacus Night Shift Matador
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1. Drahla Silk Spirit Blank Ad
2. Ought These 3 Things Royal Mountain/Merge
3. (ORB) Either Way Gloss
4. STNNNG The Last Nostalgia Modern Radio/Rejuvenation
5. Yes I'm Leaving Frust Black Wire
6. Lumpy & The Dumpers Someone's in the House La Vida Es Un Mus
7. No Sister Romantic Notion Self-released
8. NYOS Navigator Meta Matter
9. Fronts Ism ?
10. DARK MTNS Silver Dub Sum
11. Monster Bad I Love Yr Aggression !! Funeral Sounds
12. Goon Chaka Unsatisfied
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1. Chain And The Gang Logic of Night Radical Elite
2. Twelves Venice Kanikama Self-released
3. Blank Veins From One Head Killed By An Axe
4. Breeders Wait In The Car 4AD
5. Pool Holograph Stratus Sheets Jurassic Pop
6. Cassels Let Big Scary Monsters
7. No Age Soft Collar Fad Drag City
8. Max Gowan Washed Up Z Tapes
9. The Mountain Goats Marsh Witch Vision Self-released
10. Lowercase Roses Dead Animals In America Self-released
11. Vincent Vocoder Voice Drown Gently, My Daughters Tipp City
12. Cherry Under The Sun Lame-O
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1. Strange Ranger House Show Tiny Engines
2. Bless You re Always On TV DZ Tapes
3. Tics Tiny Beau Travail
4. Tera Melos Trash Generator Sargent House
5. Room 101 one man band Blood Bag (featuring XVC) Summary Execution
6. Converge Under Duress Epitaph
7. Ripped Genes Beautiful Girl
8. Bad History Month Being Nothing Exploding In Sound
9. Bethlehem Steel Alt Shells Exploding In Sound
10. Ted Leo You re Like Me Super Ego
11. Gleemer Soothe Me Other People
12. Slaughter Beach, Dog Gold and Green Big Scary Monsters
13. Lomelda Bam Sha Klam Double Double Whammy
14. Sandy Realms Pink Dime Self-released
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1. Die! Die! Die! How Soon Is Too Soon (It's Not Vintage It's Used) Self-released
2. Peach Ring Nana Self-released
3. Tunic Eye Contact Self-released
4. Americas Do You Feel Self-released
5. The Effects Back and Forth Dischord
6. Chiyoda Ku Smile You're On CCTV Self-released
7. Analog, IL + Cop Funeral Daylight Already Dead
8. Grooms Turn Your Body Western Vinyl
9. Erin Tobey I'm Young Let's Pretend
10. Mt. Wilson Repeater Into The Light Self-released
11. Helevtia Sun Chasers Self-released
12. Liyv Like You Mean It Self-released
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1. Football etc. Try Out Community
2. Teen Spaceship Henry Self-released
3. Downtown Boys A Wall Sub Pop
4. Great Grandpa Expert Eraser Double Double Whammy
5. '68 Whether Terrified or Unafraid Cooking Vinyl
6. Metz Cellophane Sub Pop
7. Naomi Punk Tiger Pipe Captured Tracks
8. Jen Cloher Forgot Myself Milk
9. Mutter Der Traum vom Anderssein Die eigene Gesellschaft
10. Lexie Blood Boils Skeleton Realm
11. Crumb Plants Self-released
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1. Flasher Winnie Sister Polygon
2. Dion Lunadon Com-Broke Agitated
3. Guerilla Toss Betty Dreams of Green Men DFA
4. Hooded Fang Queen Of Agusan Daps
5. Living Body Closer Barely Regal
6. David Shane Smith Acc (n land wht hrse f) Self-released
7. Grizzly Bear Three Rings RCA
8. White Hills Stop Mute Defeat Thrill Jockey
9. Rainer Maria Lower Worlds Polyvinyl
10. Megaflora London Everything Sucks
11. Burkini Beach The World At Your Fingertips recordJet
12. Oro Swimming Hour Overthrown Art Is Hard
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1. Feature Psalms Upset The Rhythm
2. Fishplate Country Town Community
3. Small World Experience Party Pooper Tenth Court
4. Spencer Radcliffe & Everyone Else Wrong Turn Run For Cover
5. This Is The Kit Moonshine Freeze Rough Trade
6. Bridie Florence Walk Me Home Self-released
7. Eaters Embrace The Strange Dull Tools
8. Christian Fitness Bees Mode Self-released
9. DiCaprio Sleep In Chunklet Industries
10. YC-CY Kepler-186f X-Mist
11. Maria Hackman Boyfriend Sub Pop
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1. Rats Mouth Cool Rock Band Already Dead Tapes
2. Two Inch Astronaut Snitch Jacket Exploding In Sound
3. Marbled Eye Former Erste Theke Tontr?ger
4. Spectres Rubber Plant Sonic Cathedral
5. Part Chimp Ro Ro Rock Action
6. Slowdive Star Roving Dead Oceans
7. Do Make Say Think Bound Constellation
8. Trophy Dad Louis Sachar Sad Cactus
9. Options Transient Self-released
10. Alimony Hustle Miss GB Self-released
11. Splashh Waiting a Lifetime Cinematic Music Group
12. Blessed Headache Coin Toss
13. Songs For Walter Earwigging Self-released
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1. Drahla Fictional Decision A Turntable Friend
2. Bilge Rat Pop Song Self-released
3. Posse Kismet Saddle Creek
4. Peaks Dear George, Dear William Self-released
5. Soul Structure Planetary Boundaries Self-released
6. Sleaford Mods B.H.S. Rough Trade
7. Lardo Swamped Alliterative Accord
8. At The Drive-In Incurably Innocent Warner
9. AK/DK Lagom Little Miss Echo
10. Spoon Hot Thoughts Matador
11. Emperor X 30,000 Euro Tiny Engines
12. Thurston Moore Cease Fire Caroline International
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1. Marine Layer No Mirrors Self-released
2. Joan of Arc This Must Be The Placenta Joyful Noise
3. Snail Mail Habit Sister Polygon
4. Cosmic Child Summer Middle Class Cigars
5. Sammy Tweedy Sleepover County Self-released
6. Beta Males Always Falling Apart Self-released
7. New Fries 90 Yr Old Girl Telephone Explosion
8. Priests Nothing Feels Natural Sister Polygon
9. Channels Backpfeifengesicht Dischord
10. Caddywhompus Decent Inflated
11. Loose Tooth Garlic Soup Father/Daughter
12. Mount Eerie Real Death P.W. Elverum & Sun
13. Free Cake For Every Creature Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones) Double Double Whammy
14. Buffalo Buffalo Team Captain Self-released
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1. Multicult Centroid Reptilian
2. Tall Friend Cockroach Exploding In Sound
3. Godesses You & I Self-released
4. Los Campesinos! I Broke Up In Amarante Wichita Recordings
5. Hundred Visions Ditch Punk's Prayer Burger
6. Pile Texas Exploding In Sound
7. The West Windows Talk Dark Self-released
8. Noseholes Bed Smoker Chuchu
9. Philippa Zang Life In My Lungs No Dice Tapes
10. Grandaddy Evermore 30th Century/Columbia
11. Oso Oso Reindeer Games Self-released
12. Pudge Reactionary Rock Fancy Outlaw
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1. Nightmom Drain Machine Self-released
2. Mumblr Bodies Self-released
3. Cross Country Alone Infinity Cat
4. Nitkowski Medaglia Dinner And A Show/Triple Jump/Vacant Fulfillment
5. John Congleton and the Nighty Nite Animal Rites Fat Possum
6. Men With Chips Ardrossan Homeless
7. Anxiety Delayed La Vida Es Un Mus
8. Total Victory Arnhem Specific
9. German Error Message 2017 Self-released
10. Serengeti + Sicker Man Doctor My Own Patience Graveface
11. Why? This Ole King Joyful Noise
12. Ever Ending Kicks Recorded History Self-released
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1. Fronts Better Bridges Self-released
2. Yohuna World Series Orchid Tapes
3. Juniore Panique Le Phonographe
4. Zack de la Rocha Digging For Windows Sombra Sounds
5. Haybaby Yours Tiny Engines
6. Honeyblood Ready For The Magic Fat Cat
7. Christian Fitness Your Favorite Band Wants You Dead Self-released
8. Narc Twain End of the End Self-released
9. Traams Slipping Fat Cat
10. Fond Han Ughed Exploding In Sound
11. Happy Accidents But You're Probably Wrong Alcopop!
12. Daniel Bachman Brightleaf Blues I Three Lobed Recordings
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1. Lorraine Gimbal Lock Art For Blind
2. No Sister Fixing Broken Windows Self-released
3. Pigeon Bird Migration Späti Palace
4. Girlie Girlie Youth Späti Palace
5. Slow Mass Nice But Not Kind Landland
6. YC-CY Hyäne Self-released
7. Peaer Third Law Tiny Engines
8. Chook Race Lost The Ghost Tenth Court
9. Ultimate Painting Bills Trouble In Mind
10. Softgrid Herzog On A Bus Antime
11. Mini Dresses Fabric Box Bedroom Rebels
12. Easter. Birthday Hellur
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1. Inn Let Up Self-released
2. Civil Civic The Hunt Gross Domestic Product
3. Pretty Hurts Paranoia Love Rockstar
4. Oh Well, Goodbye Clandestine Bleeding Gold
5. Vincent Vocoder Voice 500,000 Hymnals Too Pure
6. Mitski Your Best American Girl Dead Oceans
7. Owen Tourniquet Wichita / Pias Coop
8. Dark Mtns Dark Mtns Self-released
9. No Joy A Thorn In Garland's Side Topshelf
10. Cassels Cool Box Big Scary Monsters
11. Cold Pumas Severed Estates Faux Discx
12. Arkless Corner strictly no capital letters
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1. Narc Twain Same Shit Self-released
2. 50Footwave Bath White Throwing Music
3. Vomitface Senior Pictures Help Yourself
4. Pill 100% Cute Mexican Summer
5. Lurking. Keeper Skeletal Lightning
6. Mulligrub NFLD Self-released
7. Dark Tones Am I OK Self-released
8. Shores The Merry Whatnot Self-released
9. LVL UP Pain Sub Pop
10. The Julie Ruin I'm Done Hardly Art
11. Jeff Rosenstock Festival Song Side One Dummy
12. Trust Fund Would That Be An Adventure It Takes Time
13. June Gloom URL Funeral Sounds
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1. Sport Nod Adagio 830
2. Dumb Numbers Girl On The Screen Joyful Noise
3. Polonium Kids on Top Controlled Burn
4. Gland Fuck Cops Community
5. Soul Structure Cruel Matriarch Barely Regal
6. Didi Styrofoam Self-released
7. Mourn The Unexpected Captured Tracks
8. Operator Music Band I, Banana Self-released
9. Pet Cemetery Annabel Z Tapes
10. Leapling Suspended Animation Exploding In Sound
11. Bent Shapes What We Do Is Public Slumberland
12. Castlebeat Rope Spirit Goth
13. HUH Burn Sundae Fantastique
14. Wilt Spine Self-released
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1. Patio Luxury Self-released
2. Duchess Says Negative Thoughts Slovenly
3. RedRumsey Prime Numbers The Burros Discos
4. Greys No Star Carpark
5. Gewalt So Soll Es Sein In A Car
6. Frameworks Tangled Deathwish
7. Mumblr Microwave Fleeting Youth
8. Modern Baseball Everyday Run For Cover
9. Kevin Morby Cut Me Down Dead Oceans
10. The Burning Hell The Stranger Bb*Island
11. Yung Pills Fat Possum
12. Blood Orphans Buhne is a Rollercoaster Cottage St.