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1. Cuts Damage
2. Deadbeat Steve And Fatima
3. Deadbeat Gudrun
4. Rival Consoles I Think So
5. Spooky Orange Coloured Liquid
6. Rival Consoles Unfolding
7. Simian Mobile Disco feat. Deep Throat Choir Caught In A Wave
8. Jon Hopkins Everything Connected
9. Adolf Noise 40 Kaninchen
10. Adolf Noise Cpt. Gunnerson
11. Dj Koze Bonfire
12. Station 17 + Dj Koze Lila Pause
13. Dj Koze feat. Róisín Murphy Illumination
14. Blumfeld vs Steve Bug Tausend Tränen Tief (Dj Koze Mashup)
15. Dj Koze feat. Kurt Wagner Muddy Funster
16. Dj Koze feat. Sophia Kennedy Drone Me Up, Flashy
17. Guy J Airborne
18. Someone Outside Lost City
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1. Mark Pritchard Circle Of Fear Warp Records
2. Rival Consoles Rest Erased Tapes
3. Stimming x Lambert Edelweiss Kryptox
4. DJ Koze Scratch That (feat. Roisin Murphy) Pampa Records
5. Kwes. Hometime Warp Records
6. Modified Man Thorns Albert's Favourites
7. Paul White Returning R&S Records
8. Rival Consoles Memory Arc Erased Tapes
9. Noon Rian Lanquidity Records
10. DJ Koze Jesus Pampa Records
11. Kwes. Trike Warp Records
12. David Kitt Still Don't Know All City Records
13. DJ Koze Club der Ewigkeiten Pampa Records
14. DJ Koze Bonfire Pampa Records
15. Kiasmos & Hoegni Zebra Erased Tapes
16. Nils Frahm All Melody Erased Tapes
17. David Baron (feat. Simi Stone) The Steps (Lomea Rework) Here & Now Recordings
18. Nils Frahm Kaleidoscope Erased Tapes
19. Visit Venus The Big Tilt (DJ Koze Remix) Yo Mama's Recording
20. DJ Koze Seeing Aliens Pampa Records
21. Rival Consoles Phantom Grip Erased Tapes
22. Carl Craig The Melody (Ishmael Ensemble Remix) InFine Music
23. Daniel Brandt Blackpool Sands Forever (Rival Consoles Remix) Erased Tapes
24. Medras Ever Me Kraak Records
25. L One Hokusai Beat Art Department
26. YAYA Carma Melting Pot Music
27. Medras Where 're You Kraak Records
28. YAYA Shy Melting Pot Music
29. Hunrosa (feat. Alice Higgins) Ransome (VIP Mix) Wah Wah 45s
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1. Bad Stream Transition
2. Die Wilde Jagd Stangentanz
3. Bad Stream Already Dark
4. Die Wilde Jagd Säuregäule
5. Bad Stream Megafauna
6. Die Wilde Jagd Fremde Welt
7. Bad Stream Transition II
8. Die Wilde Jagd 2000 Elefanten
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1. Labelle (feat. Hasawa) Souviens-Toi (Original Mix) InFin? Music
2. Marsmobil Sometimes I Don't Regret Compost Records
3. Marsmobil Ode: The Dark Ages Compost Records
4. Asta Hiroki D.O.T.T.S. Jalapeno Records
5. Snacks Move Electric Boogie Angst
6. Lui Mafuta You & I Fine Beatz
7. Tim Jackman The Banqueters Ibiza Boys
8. Marsmobil It Doesn't Matter How You Are Compost Records
9. Tim Jackman Helena Demands Ibiza Boys
10. Ursula 1000 Chess King (Fallen Fronds Remix) Insect Queen Music
11. Secret Of Elements Breather InFin? Music
12. Rival Consoles Unfolding Erased Tapes
13. Odd Only Solow (Original Mix) Musica Autonomica
14. Kraftwerk x Anthony Rother Nummern / Computerwelt 2 (Petko Turner Edit) unreleased
15. Sleight Of Hands Hypnotize Green Gorilla Lounge
16. TouchTalk Drinks (Original Mix) Jannowitz Records
17. Moby Go (Woodtick Mix) Outer Rhythm
18. Emilie Nana I Rise (Danny Krivit Extended Vocal Dub Edit) Compost Records
19. Enzo Elia Game Of Circles (Instrumental) Compost Disco
20. James Mac & Vall Toi et moi (feat. Julienne) Jannowitz Records
21. Floreano & Rene Cos Onyx Jannowitz Records
22. Martin Merkel Black Light Platipus
23. Martin Merkel Tiefentaucher Platipus
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1. Tortusa II Breistein Mind Vessel Jazzland Norway
2. Mammal Hands Three Good Things Gondwana Records
3. Mammal Hands Wringer Gondwana Records
4. Maisha Inside The Acorn Brownswood Recordings
5. Tortusa II Breistein Ladder Jazzland Norway
6. Mark Pritchard Come Let Us (feat. Gregory Whitehead) Warp Records
7. Tortusa II Breistein Corrosion Is A Natural Process Jazzland Norway
8. GoGo Penguin Strid Blue Note
9. Kaidi Tatham Hard Times First Word Records
10. Moses Boyd Sirens Brownswood Recordings
11. Beanfield Azure Compost Records
12. Trueby Trio Cruisin' Compost Records
13. The Expansions Ivory Mountain (Album Version) Albert's Favourites
14. Beanfield Home (feat. Bajka) Compost Records
15. Hector Plimmer Lonely Man (Modified Man Remix) Albert's Favourites
16. Web Web The Ring Of (Part 2) Compost Records
17. Theon Cross Brockley Brownswood Recordings
18. Web Web Nonviolent Constellations Compost Records
19. Nubya Garcia Once Brownswood Recordings
20. Web Web Red Sunrise Compost Records
21. GoGo Penguin Window Blue Note
22. GoGo Penguin Raven Blue Note
23. Mammal Hands Being Here Gondwana Records
24. Hector Plimmer Sunshine (Emma-Jean Thackray Remix) Albert's Favourites
25. Carl Craig Dominas (Benedikt Frey 'Outback' Remix) InFine Music
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1. Louise Golbey Please Don't Louise Golbey
2. Nightmares On Wax Citizen Kane (feat. Mozez) Warp Records
3. Little Simz Poison Ivy (feat. Tilla) Age 101
4. Louise Golbey I Have Never Louise Golbey
5. Onra Prelude All City Records
6. Onra Let Me Fantasize All City Records
7. Onra Love Triangle All City Records
8. Moods Comfortable (feat. High Hoops) Boogie Angst
9. Honeyfeet Sinner (Envee Radio Edit) Wah Wah 45s
10. Dessa Fire Drills Doomtree Records
11. Nightmares On Wax Deep Shadows (feat. Sadie Walker) Warp Records
12. Hector Plimmer Kalimba 2 (Mr Beatnick Remix) Albert's Favourites
13. Candles Delish89 (I'm Right) Pear
14. Renegades Of Jazz Beneath This African Blue (Paradise Hippies Remix) Agogo Records
15. Echoel Good Times (Nutia Remix) Magician On Duty
16. Martin Merkel Constantin Platipus
17. Krippsoulisc Underground Deep & Soul DeepWit Recordings
18. Platzdasch & Dix Show Your Laugh Gents & Dandy's Records
19. Tall Black Guy & Karizma Gifted People (Kaytronik's Gifted & Black Remix) Excursions
20. Harry Wolfman Upstream Toy Tonics
21. Brien Convertible Woman Pear
22. Black Loops Le Mirage Toy Tonics
23. Dub Striker What's Up Boz Gents & Dandy's Records
24. Jakobin & Peletronic Morning Glory forTunea Records
25. Diesler (feat. Afrika Fuentes) Red Light (Instrumental) A Little Something Recordings
26. Diesler (feat. Afrika Fuentes) Red Light (Original Vocal Mix) A Little Something Recordings
27. CEV's Golden Age Gents & Dandy's Records
28. The Glimmers U Rocked My World (Pete Herbert & Tristan da Cunha Remix) Gomma
29. Izo FitzRoy Say Something (Animist Remix) Jalapeno Records
30. Black Loops & Innocent Soul Oh Baby Toy Tonics
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1. Pentatones Surreality (Ruede Hagelstein Dark Dreams Dub)
2. John Shelvin & Astrid Suryanto In Between (Chab Dub)
3. Ballato & Milla Galmus Longus (Andri Remix)
4. Dominik Eulberg Bionik
5. Markus Selka Precious Thing
6. Guy J / Henry Saiz Meridian
7. PVNV Lost Manifest
8. Guy J & Miriam Vaga No Under But You
9. Kas:st Noumene
10. Ben Buitendijk & Koen Hoets 51 54'33.0"N 4 29'13.7"E
11. Ness Galaxy Bazaar
12. Guy J Fixation
13. Sasha feat. Polica Out Of Time (Instrumental)
14. Monkey Safari Matters (Chloé Remix)
15. Robert Babicz Engage
16. John Digweed & Nick Muir vs Pig & Dan Morphism
17. Jürgen Driessen Rheingold
18. Paul C Family Affair (Nick Curly Remix)
19. Gabriel Ananda vs John Digweed & Nick Muir Tachyon Dream
20. Christian Hornbostel Trimming
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1. Bibio Phantom Brickworks II (Radio Edit) Warp Records
2. Bibio 913 Warp Records
3. Murcof x Wagner In A Landscape (Si Begg Remix) InFine Music
4. Hello Skinny Rashad Brownswood Recordings
5. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Eleven Days Here & Now Recordings
6. Keno Around The Corner Agogo Records
7. Keno Elwood Agogo Records
8. Hello Skinny Signs Brownswood Recordings
9. Hello Skinny Death Brownswood Recordings
10. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Engraved Here & Now Recordings
11. Lego Boy Relaxing With You Kraak Records
12. Hunrosa All (Bad Milk Remix) Wah Wah 45s
13. Keno Spines And Rays Agogo Records
14. Kiano & Below Bangkok Not Now Kraak Records
15. Colm K Affinity All City Records
16. Lindstrom It's Alright Between Us As It Is (Intro) Smalltown Supersound
17. Lindstrom Versatile Dreams Smalltown Supersound
18. Lindstrom Spire Smalltown Supersound
19. Rone Wave InFine Music
20. Sabotage Soundtrack Beast (Orkit Remix) Bandcamp
21. Plush Throw Plushwhosback Pear
22. JRBB The Euclidean Trip Through Paintings By Escher (Brandt Brauer Frick Interpretation) Kryptox
23. Patlac Auroa (Davis Remix) Moodmusic
24. Sven Vaeth Schubduese (Petko Turner Edit) unreleased
25. Rone Lou InFine Music
26. Ambient Jazz Ensemble One Of The Best Days Here & Now Recordings
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1. Deepchord Perfumes Of A Spring Mist
2. Dapayk Rolemodels
3. Nima Gorji Why So Serious
4. Kellerkind All Access feat. Alex
5. DJ Dag & Gabriel Le Mar Selectas
6. Mark Deutsche Mission Melody
7. Joel Mull Track Of The Night
8. DJ Dag & Gabriel Le Mar Skatalite
9. Ignoranz #007
10. Joel Mull Towards The Sun
11. Pan-Pot Grey Matter
12. Baggy Bukaddor & Tim Fishbeck Rock King Roll
13. Robert Babicz Crystal Castle
14. PMT Gyromancer (Dirk Technic's Tin Ear Remix)
15. Gary Beck Yah Yah
16. Ignoranz #005
17. Reinier Zonneveld EHT
18. Edit Select Tonalist
19. Moby Porcelain (Alan Fitzpatrick's Late Night Dub)
20. Jason Randolph Naysayer
21. Nude Club & Arian 911 Survive (Sharam Jey Back'n 2 Tribal Mix
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1. West 2 West Template All City Records
2. Meeka Kates Locked Boogie Angst
3. West 2 West Almost There All City Records
4. John Turrell Low (Kraak & Smaak Remix) Jalapeno Records
5. Kapote Besamo Fly (Extended Version) Toy Tonics
6. Jakobin & Peletronic Girlo (Original Mix) forTunea
7. West 2 West 8 In A Row All City Records
8. Shakez von Nigo New Life DeepWit Recordings
9. Krippsoulisc & Graham Deep My Dub DeepWit Recordings
10. Rhode & Brown Iruzu Jam Toy Tonics
11. Agustin Dutari & Mauro Mosciaro Feeling Good Piston Recordings
12. Daniel Ray Poly Snatch Piston Recordings
13. Ivaylo Magnatronic (Original Mix) Bogota Records
14. COEO Flesh World (Kapote's Drum Jam Version) Toy Tonics
15. Soul Clap (feat. Nona Hendryx) Shine (This Is It) (Hot Toddy Marimba Massage Vocal Mix) Classic Music Company
16. Freethinker Funk Essence Saturday Morning Traffic (Omegaman & Kris Ramea Remix) MustBeat
17. Simplex Motive Confined Space DeepWit Recordings
18. ZaVen Love Liva (Krippsoulisc Remix) DeepWit Recordings
19. Joyfull Family Pamphlet Piston Recordings
20. ZaVen Love Liva (Original Mix) DeepWit Recordings
21. Marco Madia Black-Backed Jackal Piston Recordings
22. Vaudafunk Piano Track Chopshop
23. Janefondas Lovely Secret ForTunea
24. DJ 'S' Shaft Chopshop
25. HP Vince & Dave Leatherman vs Pompenburg Flowtation (Nu Disco Mix) Chopshop
26. George Kelly Aquarian Dream Chopshop
27. Al Funk Woman Weak Chopshop
28. Conor C Surface Gents & Dandy's Records
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1. Captain Sunshine & The Valley People Islands (No Man Is Remix)
2. Dolphin Boy On The Ceiling
3. Röyksopp Sparks
4. Nusrat fateh Ali Khan Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)
5. Space Gypsies After
6. Les Negresses Vertes Face à la mer (Massive Attack Remix)
7. Audioglider Whiskers
8. Lemon Jelly '93 aka Don't Stop Now
9. Joey Fehrenbach Being Around You
10. Rekid 85 Space
11. Múm Green Grass Of Tunnel
12. Eddie C Mistaya
13. Bent An Ordinary Day
14. Mind Over Midi Walkman
15. Eddie C Now More Than Ever
16. Eddie C Beyond Reality
17. Black Dynamite Busted Loop
18. Einzelkind Lumumba
19. Manuel Tur About To Fall
20. Ame Basic Track
21. Kollektiv Turmstrasse Tristesse
22. Moormann Libelle
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1. West 2 West Undercover All City Records
2. West 2 West Back 2 Earth All City Records
3. Echoel Harter Sonnenaufgang Magician On Duty
4. Null + Void Into The Void hfn music
5. West 2 West Groove All City Records
6. Null + Void Asphalt Kiss hfn music
7. Emorine Sick World Magician On Duty
8. The Slum Vagabunds Disturb Piston Recordings
9. Aguizi & Fahim Northern Gates Making You Dance Records
10. Diatonik Odyssey (Peppe Markese & Daniele Travali Remix) Jannowitz Records
11. Marco Madia Channel-Billed Piston Recordings
12. John Major Suburb Nights Moodmusic
13. Null + Void Come To Me hfn music
14. Squire Dangerous Games (feat. KnowKontrol) Moodmusic
15. Umka & Frisson Hedgehog In The Fog Making You Dance Records
16. Vlad Jet Desire (Nathan Clement Remix) Making You Dance Records
17. Spuri Bretagne (Andre Gazolla Remix) Jannowitz Records
18. Eat Dust Over Me Piston Recordings
19. Monotronik Subculture Piston Recordings
20. DJ Le Roi (feat. Roland Clark) I Get Deep (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix - Emanuel Satie Rework) Get Physical Music
21. Touchtalk Pipe Drum Jannowitz Records
22. Bardia Salour Six Bullets (Martin Kremser Remix) Making You Dance Records
23. Kaiser Souzai Phangan Keyzer ReGroove (Daniele Di Martino Remix) Jannowitz Records
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1. Mushrooms Project Rio Disco 94
2. Lindstrom Tensions (Will Long Remix)
3. Kiasmos Lit
4. Super Flu & Andhim Reeves
5. Solomun Zora
6. Tale Of Us & Ovend Red Sky
7. Keita Sano Why Not
8. Keith Carnal Cloudy Monday
9. Recondite Theater II
10. Woo York Hypernova
11. Adnon Olivier aka Olivier Berger Casa Bulga
12. Per:Sona 393
13. Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder Fatty Boy
14. Bedouin Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (Guy Gerber Remix)
15. Constar & Stefny Winter Finding Yusef (Selway Feedback Dub Remix)
16. Paul Nazca Memory (Petar Dundov Remix)
17. Joell Mull Duke Of Huddinge
18. Geinst Telepath
19. Moby Porcelain (Alan Fitzpatrick's Late Night Dub)
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1. DJ Krush Mukyou Gamma Proforma
2. Nosaj Thing Sister Innovative Leisure
3. DJ Krush Pretense Columbia
4. Cubenx Urban Decay InFine Music
5. DJ Krush Distant Voices Columbia
6. Hector Plimmer Bulb (Deft's 2010 Throwback Remix) Albert's Favourites
7. Almeeva Some Revelation InFine Music
8. Hector Plimmer Bulb (Original Mix) Albert's Favourites
9. Christian Loeffler Mare (Avatism Remix) Ki Records
10. Phasen Lola Dub (Original Mix) DeepWit Recordings
11. Nosaj Thing TM Innovative Leisure
12. Adrian Crowley The Wish Chemikal Underground
13. Christian Loeffler Youth (Aparde Remix) Ki Records
14. VieL A Tear In The Cloud (Landikhan Remix) Magician On Duty
15. Aparde Sand Ki Records
16. Christian Loeffler Vind (Max Cooper Remix) Ki Records
17. Hille No Fish FineBeatz
18. Chasing Kurt Cloud Dancer (6th Borough Project Remix) Peppermint Jam
19. Lukas Bohlender Golden Hour Compost Black Label
20. Joal So Much (Live Cosmic Mix) Monog Records
21. Gemini Brothers Jovial Moodmusic
22. Fejka Ghostlight Ki Records
23. Brexit Jazz Brexit Jazz (ReKaB Remix) Compost Records
24. Kiasmos Paused (Original Mix) Erased Tapes
25. Aparde North Ki Records
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1. Masomenos Cotcot
2. Gorge & Dubnitzky Smile In Me
3. Daniel Steinberg Pay For Me
4. Hermanez Confetti
5. Kohlmann & Bourgeois Chaplins Swagger
6. Ronte Monte Mo Jule wäscht sich nie
7. Chriss Ronson & Yvel & Tristan Rula (Santos Smartjack Remix)
8. Deadbeat Rage Against The Light (featuring Delhia de France)
9. Someone Outside Lost City
10. Pentatones Surreality (Gunjah Remix)
11. Gregor Tresher Leaving
12. Nico Lahs Absence
13. Sebastian Mullaert Recapturing The Radical Self
14. Guy J Once In A Blue Moon
15. Thomas Muller Ride On
16. John Monkman Harmonix (Matrixxman Dub)
17. Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii Dopplereffekt
18. Ron Salman Volcano Love
19. Guy J Temperament
20. Tijuana Groove Is In The Air
21. Stelioa Vassiloudis Coma
22. Serge Devant This Moment (aber wohl nur noch eine Fitzelchen davon ;o)
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1. North Coast Vibes Soul Time Kraak Records
2. Situation (feat. Andre Espeut) I'm A Believer (Oh Yeah Remix) Our Records
3. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Ivar) You Don't Owe Me (Flevans Remix) Jalapeno Records
4. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Ivar & Sanguita) Toxic Love Affair (Allovers Remix) Jalapeno Records
5. Cordycep Specialized Chopshop
6. Michael The Lion The Changer Soul Clap Records
7. Metropolitan Soul Museum Saaab Toy Tonics
8. Kalabrese Is This (Ripperton's Mix n' Remix) Rumpelmusig
9. Michael The Lion (feat. Amy Douglas) Get It On (DJ Bruce's Feeling Mix) Soul Clap Records
10. Michael The Lion (feat. Amy Douglas) Get It On (Bosq Remix) Soul Clap Records
11. Ed Lee City Light Chopshop
12. COEO 1981 Toy Tonics
13. Fanatsy Love Affair Slow Love Chopshop
14. Beans & Company The Go Go (Original Mix) Low Life Loves You
15. LowHeads & PillowTalk Black Paradise (Original Mix) Crew Love Records
16. No Regular Play Be Together (NRP Alternate Mix - feat. John Camp) Crew Love Records
17. Manuel Costela Deepnessmann DeepWit Recordings
18. Next Of Kin Everything (Original Mix) Uniting Souls Music
19. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca Zanzibar Gomma
20. Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca One For Frankie Gomma
21. Liquid Phonk In The End There Is A Smile (Original Mix) Compost Black Label
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1. The Kenneth Bager Experience (KBE Dubs) Fragment Eight (Dj Disse Dub Mix)
2. Deadbeat Reclame (Montreal Winter Dub Mix)
3. Djosos Krost Predator feat. Adrian
4. Swayzak People Of The Book (We Say No Remix)
5. Djosos Krost Ukus Narande
6. Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe Vox
7. Djosos Krost Chapter One (Pharfar vs Kenneth Bager Remix)
8. Tommy Vicari JNR These Last Days
9. The Crisis Project Not Again (Super Flu's No No Yes RMX)
10. Hugo Barritt Yin & Yang
11. Dan Drastic, Sven Tasnadi Tastic
12. Deep Square Subdivision State
13. Daniel Stefanik Resurrection
14. Moormann Libelle (Todd E's Fieberpfau Dub)
15. Jakuzi Geriye Dönemiyor
16. Sascha Funke Lotos Land
17. Forest Swords Arms Out
18. Templeroy Core Of The Earth
19. Moormann Abamseln Teil 1
20. Jakuzi Yine Ayni Seyi Yaptim
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1. Jack Novin & Matt Grone Gang Progress Soul Clap Records
2. DJ Pippi & Willie Graff Save That Magic Feeling (Siren Remix) Compost Disco
3. Siren Lulu (Original Mix) Compost Records
4. DJ Pippi & Willie Graff Everything Is Groovin' On (Original Mix) Compost Disco
5. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Ivar & Sanguita) Toxic Love Affair (Allovers Remix) Jalapeno Records
6. Greg Paulus Starring Michael Jordan Crew Love Records
7. Ponty Mython Slippin' Into Darkness Toy Tonics
8. Soul Clap (feat. Ebony Houston) Numb (Eli Escobar Dub) Crew Love Records
9. Kraak & Smaak Hendo Exploited
10. Life On Planets The Maze Wolf + Lamb Music
11. Jay Tripwire Origin Of Infinity Viva Recordings
12. Tahir Jones Waitin' On You DeepWit Recordings
13. Liquid Phonk In The End There Is A Smile (Truccy Remix) Compost Black Label
14. Jason Mitchell Late Night Groove (Furdak Remix) DeepWit Recordings
15. Ioanis Boatsignal (Victor Norman Remix) Magician On Duty
16. Anham Sirio Making You Dance Records
17. Trulyors Henri's Dream Magician On Duty
18. Riccicomoto Transatlantico Lucidflow
19. Alexandre Allegretti & Riccii (feat. Ellie Ka) Darkness And Fireflies (NoAlliaz Remix) Making You Dance Records
20. Timelapse & Fathers Veiled Moodmusic
21. Patlac Auroa Moodmusic
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1. Gorge & Dubnitzky Vinitus
2. Unknown Artist (Beee003UK) Make Me Funky
3. Daniel Steinberg Pay For Me
4. AndHim Patty Sue (Super Flu's Suncream RMX)
5. Bebetta & Le Palf Stiefmuetterchen
6. Dr 2 Foxes (Lenny & Aker Attract Mix)
7. Enzo Elia Safari In Paris
8. Defex & Frederico Grazzini Syrens
9. Joy Wellboy Before The Sunrise (Dixon Remix)
10. Guy J Release Me
11. Guy J Once In A Blue Moon
12. Nico Lahs Absence
13. Claudio Mate 8th Dimension (Jerome Sydenham Remix)
14. Guy Gerber & Miss Kittin Rumors On The Dancefloor Part 2
15. Guy J Diagonal
16. Ellen Allien Mind Journey
17. Reggy van Oers Shunned (Deepbass Remix)
18. Doomwork Dreamland
19. Dubspeeka Bully
20. Guy J & Shar Z 7.11
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1. Ands Mega Hypermanic (El Fulminador Remix) Roam Recordings
2. Til / The Chosen Two GUESTMIX (DJ-Set @ TBA Club Brooklyn/NY)
3. Nils Penner (feat. Page) Power Of Sound (Dub Mix) Moodmusic
4. Pauke Schaumburg Drill Making You Dance Records
5. Lancelot Again & Again Toy Tonics
6. PolyRhythm The Ego Scene Piston Recordings
7. Dennis Franchi feat. Angelo Dobric Into Place (Eat Dust Remix) Piston Recordings
8. Tuneon Sometimes Piston Recordings
9. Benny Grauer Falling (Original Mix) Moodmusic
10. David Keno Elastic Moodmusic
11. Hundreds What Remains (Penwood Take It Easy Remix) Embassy Of Music
12. Ripperton pres. Headless Ghost Friends (School Of 303 Mix) Drumpoet Community
13. Nils Penner Cohle Musica Autonomica