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1. Akua Naru Black Genius Code Black
2. Obeez Glossyeyes Melting Pot Music
3. RSN (feat. Thaliah) Black Sky (Original Mix) Agogo Records
4. Gizelle Smith Love Song Jalapeno Records
5. John Turrell Chasing Shadows (Soopasoul Remix) Jalapeno Records
6. Obeez Bappin Melting Pot Music
7. Dragon Fli Empire Right On Time (feat. Von Pea) Beats House Records
8. The New Mastersounds Idle Time (Lack Of Afro Remix) Record Kicks
9. The Hook & Slingers Top Dog Record Kicks
10. Lack Of Afro Midnight Exploration (feat. Elliott Cole) LOA Records
11. Primatune King Kong Rap (feat. Masta Ace) Number Nine Records
12. Baby Charles This Time Record Kicks
13. The New Mastersounds Living That Jazz Life One Note Records
14. Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks Silverbacks Theme Tucxone Records
15. Chip Wickham Snake Eyes Lovemonk
16. Pokerface Come On Back Perfect Toy Records
17. The New Mastersounds Chicago Girl One Note Records
18. Empresarios Con Las Manos Arriba Empresarios Musica
19. Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats Lagos Strut (Sonic Funk Foundry Rework) unreleased
20. Rory Hoy & Quincy Jointz Reality (feat. Wildlife) Timewarp Music
21. Jayl Funk Shake Your Body NMRK
22. Jayl Funk Supernova Timewarp Music
23. John Turrell Stella Maris (Smoove Remix) Jalapeno Records
24. Gizelle Smith Dust Jalapeno Records
25. Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks Nightlife Tucxone Records
26. Soopasoul If It Ain't Funky Back It Up (Pt.1) Jalapeno Records
27. Edwin Starr 25 Miles (Soul Flip Edit) Soul Flip
28. Re:Funk The Harder We Try Re:Funk / Bandcamp
29. Daytoner Needed You Cabin Pressure Recordings
30. The Marvels Funky Duck Perfect Toy Records
31. Janet Lee Might As Well Give Up Perfect Toy Records
32. The James Hunter Six I Got Eyes Daptone Records
33. The Chosen Few Baby Don't Do It Perfect Toy Records
34. Daytoner Sicka Cabin Pressure Recordings
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1. Kendrick Lamar King Kunta
2. Kendrick Lamar These Walls
3. Kendrick Lamar U
4. Kendrick Lamar How Much A Dollar Cost
5. Yung Hurn Opernsänger
6. Yung Hurn Rot
7. Yung Hurn feat. Rin Bianco
8. K.Ronaldo Andi Goldberger
9. Kanye West Black Skinhead
10. Kanye West Bound 2
11. Little Simz Low Tides
12. Little Simz Good For What
13. LGoony Rarri Gelb
14. LGoony & Crack Ignaz Oida Wow
15. J. Cole 4 Your Eyez Only
16. Rin Bros
17. Rin Blackout
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1. Peter Broderick Atlantic Erased Tapes
2. Martyn Heyne Luxury 7K!
3. Peter Broderick Our Future In Wedlock Erased Tapes
4. Martyn Heyne 2400 7K!
5. Murcof x Wagner Tyler In The Road (Vanessa Wagner Version) InFine Music
6. Ross McHenry Trio The Outsiders Pt.3 First Word Records
7. Ross McHenry Trio It's Not How I Remembered It First Word Records
8. The Dick Fregulia Trio So What (Flamenco Sketches) (feat. Piro Patton) Blue Koala Records
9. Brian Dickinson Gentle Giant Suite (Drum Interlude) (for Kenny Wheeler) Addo Records
10. David Restivo The Bull And The Roses Modica Music
11. Brian Dickinson Gentle Giant Suite (Part 3) (for Kenny Wheeler) Addo Records
12. Nitin Sawhney Breathing Light (Live) Gearbox Records
13. Radio Citizen Dense Dance Sonar Kollektiv
14. Radio Citizen Smoke Sonar Kollektiv
15. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Breathe It In Here & Now Recordings
16. Radio Citizen Bangu Sonar Kollektiv
17. Colm K Summary All City Records
18. Paper Tiger Doofuses Wah Wah 45s
19. Renegades Of Jazz Prison Island (Jonny Drop Remix) Agogo Records
20. Renegades Of Jazz (feat. Kabanjak) Zebra Talk (Triberg Remix) Agogo Records
21. Paper Tiger Harping On (Part 1) Wah Wah 45s
22. Paper Tiger Joyous (Part 2) Wah Wah 45s
23. Paper Tiger Elastic Wah Wah 45s
24. Simon Boswell & Chris Whitten System Software Here & Now Recordings
25. October Star Star Pusher Electrik Arc
26. Kabanjak I Seek The Sun Luvah Records
27. Micah P. Hinson Micah Book One Full Time Hobby
28. ORI Path Filter Music Group
29. Girls In Hawaii Up On The Hill PIAS
30. ORI Parachute Filter Music Group
31. David Baron Reverie Here & Now Recordings
32. Micah P. Hinson The War Full Time Hobby
33. David Baron Intersection Here & Now Recordings
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1. David Baron Earthling Here & Now Recordings
2. Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano We're Here Erased Tapes
3. Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Arnold Kasar Rohstoff Deutsche Grammophon
4. Labelle Om (feat. Maya Kamaty) InFine Music
5. Oneohtrix Point Never 6th Floor Warp Records
6. Portico Quartet Endless Gondwana Records
7. Asta Hiroki Channels Jalapeno Records
8. Labelle Benoite (feat. Nathalie Natiembe) InFine Music
9. Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano Aalystice Erased Tapes
10. UNKLE Iter 2: How Do You Feel? Songs For The Def
11. Murcof x Wagner Piano Piece 1952 (Morton Feldman) InFine Music
12. UNKLE Iter 5: Friend Or Foe (Skit) Songs For The Def
13. Oneohtrix Point Never Adventures Warp Records
14. Oneohtrix Point Never Flashback Warp Records
15. Chelsea Wolfe Vex Sargent House
16. UNKLE Nowhere To Run / Bandits Songs For The Def
17. UNKLE Iter 4: We Are Stardust Songs For The Def
18. Simon Boswell & Chris Whitten Meltdown Here & Now Recordings
19. Riccicomoto When We Get Started Here Lucidflow
20. The/Das Group Meditation, Late Reflections Life And Death
21. Feiertag Introspective (feat. Okke Punt) Boogie Angst
22. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Alxndr London) Hands Of Time (Feiertag Remix) Jalapeno Records
23. Nosaj Thing All Points Back To U (feat. Steve Spacek) Innovative Leisure
24. The/Das Dog Sled Life And Death
25. Labelle Babette InFine Music
26. The/Das Eso 3 Life And Death
27. Life On Planets An Altered Story Wolf + Lamb Music
28. Portico Quartet A Luminous Beam Gondwana Records
29. Paper Tiger Rush (Hunrosa Remix) Wah Wah 45s
30. The/Das Moon Life And Death
31. Portico Quartet Rushing Gondwana Records
32. Kiasmos Blurred Erased Tapes
33. Aparde Mouth (feat. Anne) Ki Records
34. Die Coolen S?ue Kinderphantasien (Skit) BMG Ariola
35. Girls In Hawaii This Light [PIAS] Le Label
36. Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Arnold Kasar Black White Felt Deutsche Grammophon
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1. Van Hai Dernier Amour (Ripperton's No Love Lost Reshape) Compost Records
2. COEO Torrox Toy Tonics
3. Gabriele Poso Roots Of Soul (Atjazz Remix) Compost Records
4. Carl Craig Sandstorms (VCO Update) InFin? Music
5. Unberg Poles & Wires DeepWit Recordings
6. DaR & DoR Yellow (Mashk Remix) Making You Dance Records
7. Peter Kruder Memento Compost Records
8. Fraems Beneath (Ambassadeurs Remix) Lost Tribe Records
9. Aquarius Heaven (feat. Dani Sicilianos) Can't Buy Love (Life On Planets Edit) Wolf + Lamb Records
10. Meeka Kates Fault Lines (Ambassadeurs Remix) Boogie Angst
11. Nick Monaco & David Marston Cherry Juice (Life On Planets Edit) Wolf + Lamb Records
12. Stac Glory (Ashley Beedle 'Return To The Factory' Remix) Wah Wah 45s
13. Nicolas Jaar Mi Mujer (2017 Remastered Edit) Wolf + Lamb Records
14. Ambassadeurs These Four Walls Lost Tribe Records
15. Fraems Foreverism (AOTOA Remix) Lost Tribe Records
16. Ambassadeurs Can't You See (Cybass Remix) Lost Tribe Records
17. Sherwood & Pinch Man vs Sofa On-U Sound / Tectonic
18. Sherwood & Pinch Midnight Mindset On-U Sound / Tectonic
19. Nuaru Mango Dream Lost Tribe Records
20. Sherwood & Pinch Roll Call On-U Sound / Tectonic
21. Shobaleader One The Swifty Warp Records
22. Shobaleader One Coopers World Warp Records
23. Shobaleader One Iambic 5 Poetry Warp Records
24. Jonwayne Afraid Of Us (feat. Zeroh) Authors Recording Co.
25. Jonwayne Paper (feat. Shango) Authors Recording Co.
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1. Chip Wickham Tokyo Slow-Mo Lovemonk
2. Chip Wickham La Sombra Lovemonk
3. Singas Project Autopilot Mana Mana Records
4. Roberto Occhipinti Opus 132 (Theme by Beethoven) Modica Music
5. Toronto Art Ensemble Night Sounds 7 Arts
6. Dave Young Quintet (feat. Renee Rosnes) NPS Modica Music
7. Dave Young Quintet (feat. Renee Rosnes) Intrepid Fox Modica Music
8. Singas Project Time Square Jam Mana Mana Records
9. Chip Wickham Sling Shot Lovemonk
10. Roberto Occhipinti Markato Modica Music
11. Roberto Occhipinti Que Bolla Modica Music
12. Toronto Art Ensemble Blue River 7 Arts
13. Ray Lugo Now Little Boat Records
14. Kaidi Tatham Treacle Manifestations First Word Records
15. Singas Project I Can Fly Mana Mana Records
16. Tosca Friday !K7 Records
17. Tosca Chin Bar !K7 Records
18. Nick Monaco Bathwater (Insightful Remix) Crew Love Records
19. Manu Delago Abrupt (feat. Douglas Dare) Tru Thoughts
20. Miramode Orchestra Group Structure Agogo Records
21. Miramode Orchestra Tumbler (feat. Mara von Ferne) Agogo Records
22. Manu Delago Freeze Tru Thoughts
23. Miramode Orchestra Mice In Kindergarten Agogo Records
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1. Beginner Ahnma (DJ Stylewarz Stranger Scratch Edit) unreleased
2. Doppelkopf MMM Hong Kong Recordings
3. DJ Maars (feat. Born Ina Barn) Soundclash (Tom Showtime Remix) Irish Moss Records
4. Bryan Ford Just Take Over (Instrumental) Revolutionary Music
5. Ancient Astronauts Waiting To X-Plode (feat. Poldoore) Switchstance Recordings
6. Sticky Joe Champion (feat. Parly B) Ditto Music
7. The Hempolics News Readers BBE
8. Dubmatix feat. Sugar Minott In The Ghetto (Original Mix) Dub Arc Records
9. Protassov Butterfly Dub Switchstance Recordings
10. Grant Phabao & RacecaR One Two One Two Paris DJs
11. Funky Destination Havana Cold Busted
12. Mako & The Hawk Strut Your Stuff (feat. Chima Anya) Number Nine Records
13. Bryan Ford Feel Good Already Revolutionary Music
14. Nery 33 Colours Madluv Records
15. Lalomie Washburn Freaky Strangeness (Scrimshire Edit) Bandcamp
16. Flevans Be There LOA Records
17. The KutiMangoes This Ship Will Sink Tramp Records
18. The Frightnrs Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) Daptone Records
19. The Hi-Fly Orchestra Lets Get It On (feat. Karl Frierson) Agogo Records
20. Afternoons In Stereo Redondo Beach Timewarp Music
21. Lee Fields & The Expressions Precious Love Big Crown Records
22. Spike Head Achin Woman Perfect Toy Records
23. Lee Fields & The Expressions Lover Man Big Crown Records
24. Skuzzy Frogg Nation Perfect Toy Records
25. Electro Deluxe All Alone Musicast
26. Afternoons In Stereo Matanzas Timewarp Music
27. Electro Deluxe Liar Musicast
28. Mister T. Tonyish Timewarp Music
29. Bill King Trio + 5 Rhythm Express 7 Arts
30. Flevans Higher Places LOA Records
31. Bill King Trio + 5 Hymn 1 7 Arts
32. Afternoons In Stereo The Six Gallery Timewarp Music
33. Baast Translations Ubiquity Records
34. Baast Her Deadly Oasis Ubiquity Records
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1. Tsaik Tehraj (Pamina Remix) Lost Tribe Recordings
2. Alpha Bubbah Picasso & The Marilyn Nonine Recordings
3. Soulspace Cest La Vie (ROH Remix) Wind Horse Records
4. Stillhead You Can See Here & Now Recordings
5. Alpha Bubbah Art School Canteen Nonine Recordings
6. Alpha Bubbah Atlantis Pride Nonine Recordings
7. Sarah Williams White Hum (Part 2) First Word Records
8. Soulspace You (Sandunes Remix) Wind Horse Records
9. Stillhead To Be Continued Here & Now Recordings
10. Stillhead Uncertain Dub Here & Now Recordings
11. NRVS LVRS City Lights (Tone Of Arc Remix) Green Gorilla Lounge
12. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Vibration (Leo Zero Instrumental) Here & Now Recordings
13. Tom Appl Bachversuche Karmaloft Music
14. Soulspace Cest La Vie (Audio Units Remix) Wind Horse Records
15. Ambassadeurs Halos Lost Tribe Records
16. Ursula 1000 (feat. Lady Bunny) Blast Off! (Vanilla Ace Remix) Insect Queen Music
17. Alexandre Allegretti & Riccii Dance On (Ioakim Sayz & Cusco Peer Remix) Making You Dance Records
18. Oldrich Sic. Jr. I Go Deeper (Lydia Eisenbl Finebeatz
19. Tom Appl Something About Karmaloft Music
20. Ambassadeurs Sya Lost Tribe Records
21. Barotti She Might Gomma
22. Yann Dulche (feat. Dinia) Faith (I I I I Remix) Here & Now Recordings
23. Stillhead Breathe Me Out Here & Now Recordings
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1. Masayoshi Fujita Tears Of Unicorn Bandcamp (Erased Tapes)
2. Sun Ra Quartet When There Is No Sun (feat. John Gilmore) Bandcamp (Strut Records)
3. Flanger Mulch Nonplace
4. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra Into Forever (feat. Josephine Oniyama) Gondwana Records
5. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra Jamais Vu (feat. Bryony Jarman Pinto) Gondwana Records
6. Me Raabenstein Easy My Love Nonine Recordings
7. Me Raabenstein Spectre Grim Nonine Recordings
8. Nicola Cruz La Mirada Bandcamp (ZZK Records)
9. Shipibo Icaro Flako Bandcamp (Five-Easy Pieces)
10. Me Raabenstein Rue Du Bac Nonine Recordings
11. Railster & HLMNSRA Tetraidroc BEAT.IT (Bandcamp)
12. Rudynme & c-pala Scrambled Eggs Theme BEAT.IT (Bandcamp)
13. Calibro 35 Brain Trap Record Kicks
14. Lynch Kingsley & Grove Kingsley Queens & Kings BEAT.IT (Bandcamp)
15. Feiertag Brainfreeze Boogie Angst
16. Brandt Brauer Frick Hugo Bandcamp (!K7)
17. Flanger Centre Of Unrest Nonplace
18. Flanger Cholorphyll Drop Shot Nonplace
19. Earthquake Island & Kavemura Black Eyes BEAT.IT (Bandcamp)
20. Aotoa Great Ideas Jalapeno Records
21. Cubenx Banquet (feat. Pris Wayland) InFine Music
22. Cubenx Treasures InFine Music
23. Aotoa CIO Jalapeno Records
24. Me Raabenstein Birthday Suit Nonine Recordings
25. Me Raabenstein Esk Nonine Recordings
26. Calibro 35 74 Days After Landing Record Kicks
27. Me Raabenstein Sugar Cheek Nonine Recordings
28. Bruce Brubaker Metamorphosis 1 (Akufen Interpretation) InFine Music
29. Cubenx Drizzling Lemon Pearls (feat. Cyane) InFine Music
30. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra As I Walk (feat. Josephine Oniyama) Gondwana Records
31. Tommy Guerrero Thoughts Of Tomorrow Grand Palais
32. Tommy Guerrero At The Circles Edge Grand Palais
33. Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra These Goodbyes Gondwana Records
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1. Earl Sixteen Daley Changing World VP Records - 17 North Parade
2. Rockers All Stars Peaceful Man Dub VP Records - 17 North Parade
3. Jr Thomas & The Volcanos Stop Truth & Soul Records
4. Dennis Brown & Big Youth In His Own Way VP Records - 17 North Parade
5. Big Youth Strickly Rockers VP Records - 17 North Parade
6. Rockers All Stars Straight A Yard VP Records - 17 North Parade
7. Singers & Players Quante Jubila On-U Sound
8. Singers & Players Fit To Survive On-U Sound
9. Gregory Isaacs Loving Pauper VP Records - 17 North Parade
10. Delroy Wilson Is It Because I m Black VP Records - 17 North Parade
11. Big Youth Must Be Revelation VP Records - 17 North Parade
12. Macka B Big Thief VP Records - Peckings
13. Macka B Hail H.I.M. VP Records - Peckings
14. U Roy Everybody Hustling VP Records - 17 North Parade
15. My Neighbour Is Lick The Rainbow Neighbour Jam
16. Jr Thomas & The Volcanos Bumps In The Night Truth & Soul Records
17. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Bad Viberations (Instrumental) Timmion Records
18. Jr Thomas & The Volcanos Shelter Truth & Soul Records
19. Macka B African VP Records - Peckings
20. Junior Kelly Power To The People Irievibrations Records
21. Ancient Astronauts All Of The Things You Do (Forces Of Nature Dub) Switchstance Recordings
22. Junior Kelly False Pretender Irievibrations Records
23. Omar Simplify (Rootickal Re-Twist feat. Scratch Professer) Freestyle Records
24. per.du Funk You (feat. Xavier Plus) Neighbour Jam
25. Ephemerals Another Day Gone Jalapeno Records
26. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Where Are You Now Timmion Records
27. Ephemerals Get Out Jalapeno Records
28. The Haggis Horns Give Me Something Better (feat. John McCallum) Haggis Records
29. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Vultures Prayer (Instrumental) Timmion Records
30. Ephemerals Everyday Killers Jalapeno Records
31. Brian Augers Oblivion Express (feat. Alex Ligertwood) Freedom Jazz Dance (live) Freestyle Records
32. Brian Augers Oblivion Express (feat. Alex Ligertwood) Inner City Blues (live) Freestyle Records
33. Nat Birchall A Luta Continua Jazzman
34. Nat Birchall To Be Jazzman
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1. Chill Pill Stepping Snake Mana Mana Records
2. Massive Suits Quartet In All Things Ubiquity Records
3. Massive Suits Quartet Grand Empty (The Awakening Theme) Ubiquity Records
4. Ursula 1000 Faded Denim Wash (Seahawks Remix) Insect Queen Music
5. Massive Suits Quartet March From The Moon Ubiquity Records
6. Chill Pill Whisper Mana Mana Records
7. Sabotage Soundtrack Unisono Blank Records - Bandcamp
8. Sabotage Soundtrack Karikula Blank Records - Bandcamp
9. Massive Suits Quartet Pigeon And Swan Ubiquity Records
10. Turbojazz Na Minah Wah Wah 45s
11. Kill Emil The Happening Cold Busted
12. Marian Tone & Maura Souloud Mic Meditation Dooinit Music
13. Kill Emil Microchops Cold Busted
14. Kill Emil Such A Long Time Cold Busted
15. Indian Ropeman 66 Meters (Radio Edit) Skint Records
16. Dele Sosimi Na My Turn (Paper Tiger Remix) Wah Wah 45s
17. Sabotage Soundtrack Botafogo Blank Records - Bandcamp
18. FaltyDL Bookaloo Ninja Tune
19. Cubenx Blazing InFine Music
20. X-Press 2 Smoke Machine (Dense & Pika Remix) Skint Records
21. Cubenx Deauville (feat. Pris Wayland) InFine Music
22. AOTOA Great Ideas Jalapeno Records
23. J. Wiltshire False Awakening (Glenn Astro Absolut Remix) Absolut Remix
24. Cubenx Banquet (feat. Pris Wayland) InFine Music
25. AOTOA Altogether Jalapeno Records
26. Mirrors Fear Of Drowning (Lapalux Remix) Skint Records
27. Ambassadeurs (feat. C Duncan) Looking At You (Original Mix) Lost Tribe Records
28. Radar Cult Fog Grand Palais
29. Radar Cult Whentheteleprompter Breaks Grand Palais
30. Space Raiders Beautiful Crazy Skint Records
31. Massive Suits Quartet The Oddissey Pt.2 Ubiquity Records
32. FC Kahuna (feat. Hafdis Huld) Hayling (Radio Edit) Skint Records
33. Marian Tone & Maura Souloud Colours Are Gone Dooinit Music
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1. The Disclosure Project Barnards Merope Disclosure Project Recordings
2. Woolfy vs Projections Set It Up Permanent Vacation
3. The Disclosure Project Down Time Disclosure Project Recordings
4. Woolfy vs Projections Tangiers Permanent Vacation
5. A Coral Room Ueberfahrt (J.Peter Schwalm Remix) INFRACom
6. Pawas & Schaffhaeuser Hunt (Vocal Edit) Compost Black Label
7. The Disclosure Project Halocline Disclosure Project Recordings
8. Bo Geste Dont Give It Up Jalapeno Records
9. The Disclosure Project Radiosonde Disclosure Project Recordings
10. Blue Soul 1980 Something Roam Recordings
11. Kraak & Smaak (feat. Ivar) Way Back Home (Original Mix) Boogie Angst
12. Brett Lawrence Just Jestin Piston Recordings
13. Roland Sousa Pick n Bite (Fragoso Remix) Monog Records
14. Frankey & Sandrino Cephei (Locked Groove Remix) Moodmusic
15. Unders (feat. High Roller & Veere) Run All Night (Original Mix) Groove On
16. Dominic Smith & Sonny Andreucetti Dont Stay In Monog Records
17. Comunica Funk You Like An Animal (Original Mix) DeepWit Recordings
18. Florian Spindler La Memoire (Microghost Remix) Finebeatz
19. Woolfy vs Projections Combination Permanent Vacation
20. Fuzoku Route 60 (Alvaro Hylander Remix) DeepWit Recordings
21. Bar White Noise (Shahrokh Dini Remix) Compost Black Label
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1. Gacha Abandoned City Apollo
2. Gacha Waterfall (feat. Natalie Beridze) Apollo
3. Dfalt A Few Began To Smoke Grand Palais - Plug Research
4. Dfalt We re All Famous Grand Palais - Plug Research
5. Scrimshire Bright Lights Wah Wah 45s
6. Dfalt Fist 101 Grand Palais - Plug Research
7. Lakker Milch R&S Records
8. Lakker Tonneru R&S Records
9. Nosaj Thing 2K Innovative Leisure
10. Frameworks Dawn (Throwing Snow Remix) First Word Records
11. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Cinematize (Curveball Version) Here & Now Recordings
12. Lakker Oktavist R&S Records
13. Nosaj Thing Sci Innovative Leisure
14. Scrimshire 212 555 4200 Wah Wah 45s
15. Tony Guerrero & El Diablitos Desesperacion Grand Palais
16. Mike Sena Agatha Trim Anthology Recordings
17. Mike Sena We Are Whole Anthology Recordings
18. Opez Diavolanza Agogo Records
19. Opez Adriatica Agogo Records
20. Scrimshire As You Pass Me By (feat. Daudi Matsiko) Wah Wah 45s
21. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Eyes Wide Open (Stillhead Remix) Here & Now Recordings
22. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Never In Doubt (Widescreen Rework) Here & Now Recordings
23. Ambient Jazz Ensemble Vibration (Cardiac Club & Ambient Jazz Ensemble Rework) Here & Now Recordings
24. Ambient Jazz Ensemble I Saw Stars (Cy Samuels & Ambient Jazz Ensemble Rework) Here & Now Recordings
25. Chassol Pipornithology Part I Tricatel
26. Chassol Bwa Brile (Alix & Lisa) (feat. Eugene Mona) Tricatel
27. Chassol Birds Part I Tricatel
28. Chassol Apes Kidz Tricatel
29. Dfalt We Used To Be Broken Grand Palais - Plug Research
30. Nosaj Thing Dont Mind Me (feat. Whoarei) Innovative Leisure
31. Nosaj Thing Moon Innovative Leisure
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1. Akku Quintet Schneemann Morpheus Records
2. Quiet Dawn After Sex First Word Records
3. Akku Quintet Phase Transitions Morpheus Records
4. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators Where Are You Now Timmion Records
5. Saun & Starr Dear Mr. Teddy Daptone Records
6. Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz Vigyaazz, Kesz, Oet Tramp Records
7. Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz Broken Tramp Records
8. Saun & Starr Big Wheel Daptone Records
9. Flame Griller Rickys Journey Bandcamp
10. Flame Griller A Fresher Start Bandcamp
11. Sola Rosa Roots And Culture (feat. Kevin Mark Trail) Agogo Records
12. Sola Rosa To The Ocean (feat. Kevin Mark Trail) Agogo Records
13. Quiet Dawn Golden Moments (feat. Sarah Gessler) First Word Records
14. Quiet Dawn New Dawn (feat. Oddisee) First Word Records
15. Quiet Dawn Grow Old Pt.2 (feat. Theory Hazit) First Word Records
16. Sola Rosa Get Your Move Gone (feat. Sharlene Hector) Agogo Records
17. Buju Banton African Pride VP Records
18. Buju Banton Love Dem Bad (feat. Red Rat) VP Records
19. Dele Sosimi We Siddon We Dey Look (Straight Molin) Wah Wah 45s
20. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band Amaehu Strut
21. Dele Sosimi Where We Want Be Wah Wah 45s
22. Sola Rosa Young The Giant (feat. Noah Slee, Melowdownz & Bailey Wiley) Agogo Records
23. Alex Puddu The Moover (feat. Joe Bataan) Schema
24. Alex Puddu I Want You Schema
25. Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band Me Ho Asem Strut
26. Alex Puddu High Times In N.Y.C. Schema
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1. A Coral Room Conversation With A Coral Room (Intro) INFRACom
2. Grandbrothers Prologue Film Recordings
3. Stephan Abel Olhos De Gato Agogo Records
4. A Coral Room Grobkoernig INFRACom
5. Grandbrothers Ghost Clock Film Recordings
6. Manu Delago Plus Minus Tru Thoughts
7. Grandbrothers Arctica Film Recordings
8. A Coral Room Merianplatz INFRACom
9. Lal Tiny Mirrors (Original Mix) DNH Records
10. Lal Tiny Mirrors (Basic Soul Unit Remix) DNH Records
11. Ambassadeurs Cant You See Lost Tribe Records
12. Fraems Foreverism Lost Tribe Records
13. A Coral Room Conversation With A Coral Room INFRACom
14. Manu Delago Down To The Summit Tru Thoughts
15. Moodprint Storyboard Cold Busted
16. Moodprint Prophet Cold Busted
17. DistantStarr Buttafly (prod. by Hudson Mohawke) My First Moth
18. Action Bronson The Rising (feat. Big Body Bes) Vice - Atlantic
19. Action Bronson A Light In The Addict (feat. Party Supplies & Black Atlass) Vice - Atlantic
20. DistantStarr Revolution (prod. by IAMNOBODI) My First Moth
21. DistantStarr Laminated Looseleafs (feat. Blu) My First Moth
22. Moodprint Lucy Cold Busted
23. Quiet Dawn (feat. Sarah Gessler) Golden Moments (Original Mix) First Word Records
24. Elle Stilnovo (feat. Jaidene Veda) The One For Me Jaiveda Productions
25. Halfscissors Yeahh Neighbour Jam
26. A Coral Room Acropora INFRACom
27. Grandbrothers Rotor Film Recordings
28. Grandbrothers Start From Innocence Film Recordings
29. Baast Suspension Ubiquity Records
30. Stephan Abel The Windmills Of Your Mind Agogo Records
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1. Skyscaper Noctilucent Clouds (Original Mix) Balanced Records
2. Riccicomoto Porn Fiction Lucidflow
3. Skyscaper Noctilucent Clouds (Kasm Remix feat. SuhniSea) Balanced Records
4. Mura Masa Shibuya Kitsune Music
5. Riccicomoto Behind Closed Doors (feat. Hansekind) Lucidflow
6. Dele Sosimi Na My Turn (Paper Tiger Radio Remix) Wah Wah 45s
7. Danglo Catch My Eye (feat. Ivan Franco) Kitsune Music
8. Savoir Malala Kitsune Music
9. Moods Distance Boogie Angst
10. AskMe, Bedrud & Giese Thai Break Groove On
11. Gobbetti Pizzini Freedom Piston Recordings
12. La Rose Deep Overdose DeepWit Recordings
13. Marley Sherman Untitled Deep House Aficionado
14. Pat Foosheen Sunshine Every Day (Andi Vasilos Remix) DeepWit Recordings
15. Playless Juno (Abstrakt Audios Warehouse Remix) Whiskey Pickle
16. Bonetti Dance For Me Piston Recordings
17. Ivan Masa Deep Penetration Piston Recordings
18. W. Jeremy Future (Original Mix) Get Up Recordings
19. Capryo Hold Back Piston Recordings
20. Carlo Caldareri Cuz I m Killin (Original Mix) Piston Recordings
21. Vincent Esperanza Something Special Piston Recordings
22. Capryo Entity Piston Recordings
23. Black Loops The Lovelite Toy Tonics
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