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Rock in Black
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1. The Baboon Show All of me
2. Blindstone By the river
3. Kellermensch The Pain of salvation
4. Erja Lytinnen Rocking Chair
5. The Weight Trouble
6. The Re-Stoned Human without body
7. The Sensationell Alex Harvey Band Hammer Song (Rockschwärmerei)
8. The Sensationell Alex Harvey Band The Feather Healer (Rockschwärmerei)
9. RavenEye Hate
10. Vanderlinde Little Things (live)
11. The Shadow Lizzards Warzone
12. WolfPrayer Auszug aus dem Interview vom 09.02.
13. WolfPrayer According to the rule
14. WolfPrayer Auszug aus dem Interview vom 09.02.
15. Jimi Barbiani Band La Grange
16. Hollow Heart Down to the wire
17. Thundermother Fire in the rain
18. Not Scientists Perfect World
19. Oblivious Fler ön vad ni tror
20. Elles Bailey Girl who owned the blues
21. The Dues Spirits of the dead
Rock in Black
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1. Blindstone Finger on the trigger
2. Delta Deep Bang the Lid (live)
3. Delta Deep Private Number (live)
4. Ammunition Tear your city down
5. Rick Springfield Little Demon (aus dem Album der Sendung "The Snake King")
6. Rick Springfield The Snake King (aus dem gleichnamigen Album der Sendung)
7. Mary Gauthier Bullet holes in the sky (aus dem Album der Sendung "Riffles and Rosary Beads")
8. Marion Fiedler Rolling on
9. Heave Blood & Die Sinking Ships
10. Do I smell cupcakes Welcome To Adolescence
11. Marius Tilly The Ladder
12. Still Living Reign of pills
13. Jimi Barbiani Band Boogie Man
14. Rick Springfield Jesus was an Atheist (aus dem Album der Sendung "The Snake King")
15. Mike Leponds Silent Assasins Avengers of Eden
16. Two hearts of ten bands Drive you home
17. Psychic lemon Hey Droog
18. Labyrinth Falling rain (live)
19. First Aid Kit Rebel Heart
20. Chuck Berry Roll over Beethoven
21. The Baboon Show Hurray
22. The Baboon Show Overdosed on you
Rock in Black
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1. Rothacher Never gonna be
2. Jaimie Faulkner Where does all the time go?
3. Neal Hoffmann Vanity and pride
4. Lower Pink Run Wild
5. Turnpike Troubadours A Tornado Warning
6. Sivert Höyem What's on your mind
7. Christopher Paul Stelling Destitute
8. Sutherland Brothers Band Sailing
9. Gavin Sutherland After the storm
10. John Garner I like the way you are
11. Lucinda Williams Protection
12. Ed Romanoff Without you
13. Gerhard Schöne Vielleicht wird's nie wieder so schön (live)
14. Wolfgang Ambros Der Berg
15. Wiesner Tränen wenn sie lacht
16. Heckel & Steglitz Willkommenskultur
17. Hannes Wader Damals
18. Georg Kreisler Tauben vergiften
19. Ludwig Hirsch A Verbrecher weniger auf der Welt
20. Reinhard Mey Sei wachsam
21. Franz Josef Degenhardt Wölfe mitten im Mai
22. Waldgeist SOS
23. Freund von Anton Du glaubst
Rock in Black
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1. Pretty Boy Floyd High School Queen
2. Bob Seger Forward into the past
3. Eisley / Goldy Soul of madness
4. WolfPrayer I like a fool (Band der Zukunft 2017)
5. Lioncage When dragons fall (Platz 8 Album des Jahres 2017)
6. Michael Schenker Warrior
7. Lower Pink Young
8. Curse of Lono Five Miles (Platz 7 Album des Jahres 2017)
9. All them witches Bulls (Platz 6 Album des Jahres 2017)
10. Mundwerk Crew Into the wild
11. The Whiskey Foundation Juice 'n' Jam (Platz 5 Album des Jahres 2017)
12. Orango Born to roll (Platz 4 Album des Jahres 2017)
13. Raintimes Forever Gone
14. Lisa Marie Presley Nobody noticed it (zum 83. Geburtstag von Elvis Presley)
15. Sonic Delusion Words and strings
16. Will Hoge This ain't an original (Platz 3 Album des Jahres 2017)
17. Toni Cardone Always in your heart
18. BASK Mush! Carry me home (Platz 2 Album des Jahres 2017)
19. The Weight Jam (Platz 1 und Album des Jahres 2017 - The Weight)
20. The Weight Money ain't for keeping (Platz 1 und Album des Jahres 2017 - The Weight)
Rock in Black
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1. Black Stone Cherry Chamgagne & Reefer
2. Black Country Communion Collide
3. Erja Lytinnen Lovers Novels
4. Wille & The Bandits 1970
5. The Flying Eyes Circle of stone
6. Mundwerk Crew Laut
7. Andreas Diehlmann Band Gonna Raise Hell
8. David Cassidy Warm my soul
9. Jimi Hendrix Experience Little Wings
10. The Weight Plenty for nothing
11. Down 'n' outz Rock 'n' Roll Queen
12. Whiskey Foundation Try to handle
13. Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf Rain
14. Kellermensch How to get by
15. Marey The story of the broken cake
16. NiSala Driftin'
17. Dirty Thrills Lonely Soul
18. Peter Alexander Schöne Weihnacht (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
19. Peter Alexander Eine Muh, eine Mäh (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
20. Peter Alexander Weißer Winterwald (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
21. Jim Croce It doesn't have to be that way (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
22. Mighty Magnolias Used to be my girl
23. Jona Lewie Stop the cavalry
24. Kinky Wizzards Coffeine Overdose
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Monkey Fist Monkey Fuckfest
2. Babylon A.D. Fool on fire
3. The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer Get ready
4. QSP (Suzi Quatro, Andy Scott & Don Powell) Just like a woman
5. Gavin Sutherland Peggy told me
6. Whiskey Foundation Free my mind (Album der Sendung "Blues & Bliss")
7. Whiskey Foundation Complaints (Album der Sendung "Blues & Bliss")
8. Jeff Scott Soto Autumn
9. Nepomuk I won't believe
10. Pink Cream 69 Man of sorrow
11. Popa Chubby Dirty old blues
12. Wucan The rat catcher
13. Mighty Steel Leg Experience Morning Bender
14. Psychedelic Witchcraft Turn me on
15. Kalamahara Reflections Pt. 1
16. Blind Ego Don't ask me why (live)
17. The Adicts Talking shit
18. The Dues What a fool
19. Vanilla Fudge You keep me hangin' on (live)
Rock in Black
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1. Scorpions Children of the Revolution
2. Slade Keep on rocking (live)
3. Kiss Detroit Rock City
4. David Cassidy Rock me Baby
5. The Partridge Family mit David Cassidy I'll meet you halfway
6. Tyrannosaurus Rex Elemental Child (Rockschwärmer - Marc Bolan)
7. T. Rex 20th Century Boy (Rockschwärmerei - Marc Bolan)
8. Roxy Music The Thrill of it all
9. Alice Cooper Muscle of love
10. Bay City Rollers Yesterdays Hero
11. Tony Christie Amarillo
12. Lieutenant Pigeon Mouldy old dough
13. Slade Take me back home
14. Blackfoot Sue Standing in the road
15. Mott the Hoople Roll away the stone
16. Cory Powell Dance with the devil
17. Glitter Band Angel face
18. Kenny The Bump
19. Sailor A glass of champagne
20. Fox Only you can
21. Mud Oh Boy
22. Andrea True Connection More, more, more
23. Steve Harley Here comes the sun
24. Middle of the road Tweedle dee, tweedle dum
25. Mouth and MacNeal How do you do
26. Gary Glitter I love you love me love
27. Sparks This town ain't big enough
28. Suzi Quatro Too Big
29. Silver Convention Fly Robin Fly
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. U.F.O The Pusher
2. Lausch Treaty
3. Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf Like you do
4. Coogans Bluff Beefheart (live)
5. Löwen am Nordpol Bringt mir den Kopf von Donald Trump
6. The Weight Trouble (Album der Sendung "The Weight)
7. The Weight Rich Man's Pride (Album der Sendung "The Weight")
8. Andreas Diehlmann Band Oh well
9. Bigfoot Prisoner of war
10. Robin Beck Love is coming
11. Idlewar Break
12. Simo Shine
13. The Dog Hunters Criminal Mind
14. Revolution of Saints Light in the dark
15. Kellermensch Remainder
16. L.A. Guns Speed
17. Kid Rock Tennessee Mountain Top
18. Son of Settlers Noordhoek
19. Godsticks Hard to face
20. Jared James Nichols Run
21. Highway Separate Ways
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Tequila Mockingbyrd Never go home
2. Girlschool Hit and run (feat. Doro)
3. Margie Evans Mistreated Woman
4. Anna Coogan Wedding Vow
5. Gillian Welch Only one and only
6. Elles Bailey Wildfire
7. Bette Middler Stay with me (Rockschwärmerei Bette Middler and The Rose)
8. Bette Middler Let me call you sweetheart (Rockschwärmerei)
9. Bette Middler The Rose (Rockschwärmerei)
10. Honeymoon Disease Coal Burnin'
11. The Pretenders My City was gone
12. Erja Lytinnen Black Ocean
13. The Henry Girls No more maybes
14. Shelby Lynne & Allison Moorer Into my arms
15. Ricki and The Flash My love will not let you down
16. Sara Evans I need a river
17. Girlschool Tiger Feet
18. Galley Beggar The girl I left behind
19. Gretchen Wilson All jacked up (live)
Rock in Black
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1. Queen God save the Queen
2. Queen Liar
3. Miraculous Mule Sound of the summer
4. Robyn Hitchcock Detectiv Mindhorn
5. Judas Priest Rock hard, ride free
6. ELO Wild West Hero
7. The Sweet Done me wrong all right (live - Rockschwärmerei)
8. WildLies Submission
9. Rod Stewart (mit Ron Wood) Maggie may (unplugged)
10. Curse of lono Each time you hurt
11. Royal Navy Rule Britannia
12. Subways Rock & Roll Queen
13. Motörhead God save the Queen
14. Sex Pistols Johnny be good / Roadrunner
15. Angelic Upstairs The murder of Liddle Towers
16. Violators Gangland
17. Stiff little fingers Johnny was
18. Clash White man in...
19. Boom town Rats Banana Republic
20. Oasis Live forever
21. Blur She's so high
22. Rolling Stones 2000 lightyears
23. Beatles Tomorrow never knows
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Dynamite Bring it on
2. Orango Train keeps rolling on
3. Van Halen In a simple Rhyme
4. Gotthard Stay with me
5. Mott the Hoople Ready for love / After lights
6. Curse of lono Five Miles
7. Curse of lono He takes my place
8. Demon Head Gallows Omen
9. Pristine The Rebel Song
10. The Grande Royale Know it all
11. Backwood Spirit Piece of the peach
12. Sivert Hoyem Majesty (live)
13. Amplifier Horse
14. Tyler Leads The Witch
15. Badge In the eye of the storm
16. John Garner Golden Letters
17. John Garner Writing Letters
18. Lioncage Save the day
19. Shotgun Valium The last ride
20. WolfPrayer Like a fool
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Little Feat Fat Man in the Bathtub (live)
2. John Fogerty Rock'n'Roll over the world (live)
3. John Fogerty Fortunate Son (live)
4. Allman Brothers Band Done somebody wrong (live)
5. Jackson Browne Fountain of sorrow
6. Joe Cocker Fire it up!
7. Christopher Cross Every turn of the world
8. Grateful Dead St. Stephan
9. The Doors Little Red Rooster (live)
10. Eagles Doolin Dalton/Desperado
11. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Cowgirl in the sand
12. The Beach Boys Sloop John B. (Rockschwärmerei - Pet Sounds)
13. The Beach Boys God only knows (Rockschwärmerei - Pet Sounds)
14. Santana Anywhere you want to go
15. Bad Religion Hello Cruel World
16. Odd Logic Maiden Child
17. Greg Graffin Backroads of my mind
18. Los Lobos La Bamba / Good Lovin' (live)
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Brother Ape Karma
2. Radio Haze Communications
3. Siamese Smile Falling Sensation
4. Wolf Prayer Wolf Prayer
5. Hollow Water Day in and day out
6. All them witches Alabaster
7. The devil and the almighty blues These are old hands
8. Airbag Killer
9. Bent Knee Counselor
10. Bask Mush! Carry me home
11. Manfred Mann's Earth Band Buddah
12. Demon Head Untune the sky
13. Steam Morrisler Under Acid Elephants
14. Pontiak Easy does it
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Kiss Hell or hallelujah
2. Blue Oyster Cult Black Blade
3. My Chemical Romance Black Parade
4. Mighty Magnolias Higher Ground
5. Sean Rowe The Salmon
6. Buffalo Tom Sunday Night
7. Carole King & James Taylor Will you love me tomorrow (Rockschwärmerei zum Muttertag)
8. Carole King & James Taylor Fire and Rain (Rockschwärmerei zum Muttertag)
9. Lou Reed Paranoia Key of E
10. Willie Nile Streets of New York
11. Bruce Springsteen Growin' up (live)
12. Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes Harder than it looks
13. Simon & Garfunkel Late in the evening (live)
14. Popa Chubby Life is a beatdown (live)
15. The Pretty Reckless Back to the river
16. Bask Asleep in the Orchard
17. Billy Joel New York State of mine
18. Willie Nile Hard times in America
Rock in Black
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1. Fyre! We are here
2. Gladys Knight & The Pips Come back and finish what you started
3. Meredith Brooks Wash my hands
4. Sari Schorr & The Engine Room Work no more
5. Bonnie Tyler Faster than the speed of night
6. The Pretenders (Chrissie Hynde) Alone (Rockschwärmerei)
7. The Pretenders (Chrissie Hynde) Middle of the road (Rockschwärmerei)
8. Binoculers The Cities
9. Cher When Lovers become strangers
10. The Pretenders Thumbelina
11. Freerock Saints Never lost my faith
12. WolveSpirit True Blood
13. Frumpy How the gypsy was born
14. Indigo Girls Prince of darkness (live)
15. Joni Mitchell Why do fools fall in love (live)
16. Joni Mitchell Shadows and light
17. Royal Thunder April Showers
18. Bangles Watching the sky
19. Heavy Tiger Keeper of the flame
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Philipp Bölter Don't Forget
2. Philipp Bölter Excerpt (live im Studio gespielt)
3. Philipp Bölter Writting Letters (live im Studio gespielt)
4. Sari Schorr & The Engine Room Ain't got no money
5. Philipp Bölter Trio Hey Len
6. Purple Rain (Objekt von Philipp & Florian Bölter) Fall in love
7. Philipp Bölter Good old melody (live im Studio gespielt - bisher nie live gespielt))
Rock in Black
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1. Dennis Hormes Stronger
2. Groundswimmer Black Magic
3. Dark Suns The only young ones left
4. Can Spoon (Rockschwärmerei)
5. Cliff Barnes and The Fear of winning Tie me down (Rockschwärmerei)
6. Radio Haze Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones
7. Stumfol Out for more
8. Andrea Schröder Little girl
9. Philipp Bölter Speeding through my life
10. Robin Tom Rink Field or forest
11. GProject Blues Band Out of hell
12. Udo Lindenberg Kralle
13. Jane Coming again
14. Birth Control Hoodooman
15. Kin Ping Meh Fairytales
16. Scorpions Fly to the Rainbow
17. Amon Düül II The only thing
18. Ton Steine Scherben Wenn die Nacht am tiefsten
19. Ihre Kinder Weißer Schnee, schwarze Nacht
20. Sand Sarah
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Stray Train Man or stone
2. Gotthard Electrified
3. Orango Heirs
4. Freerock Saints Never lost my faith
5. The Weight The Doctor (live - Rockschwärmerei)
6. Philip Bölter Writing Letters
7. King of the world Life in the fast lane
8. Cliff Barnes and the fear of winning Cold Outside
9. Morudes Never ever
10. Super Vintage Rock'n'Roll Revolution
11. Asphalt Horsemen Lies
12. Gösta Berlings Saga Sersophane
13. Mighty Magnolias Dandy
14. Orango The honeymoon song
15. Cojones Opium
16. We Banjo 3 This is home
17. Naked Hazelbeard Tall I've stood
18. The Weight Blow it
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Stumfol Something right
2. Travels & Trunks Sing along songs
3. Jim Croce Alabama Rain
4. Willie Nile Now that the war is over
5. Don McLean Crossroads
6. Lesley Kernochan Hurricane Eye
7. George Michael They won't go when I go (zum Tod von George Michael)
8. Status Quo Pictures of Matchstick Men (zum Tod von Rick Parfitt)
9. John Cougar Taxi Dancer
10. Andrew Paley Come Home
11. Jackson Browne Red Neck Friend
12. Harry Chapin 30.000 Pounds of Bananas (live)
13. Richard Palmer-James Highway Code
14. Elvis Presley Santa bring my Baby back to me (Rockschwärmerei zum 82. Geburtstag von Elvis Presley)
15. Elvis Presley Stand by me (Rockschwärmerei)
16. Elvis Presley Promised Land (Rockschwärmerei)
17. Konstantin Wecker Willy
18. Franz Josef Degenhard Spiel nicht mit den Schmuddelkindern
19. Rodrigo Leao & Scott Matthews Life is long
20. Fabio Concato & Jose Feliciano M'Innamore Davvero
Rock in Black
Moderation: Dieter Radke Musikauswahl: Dieter Radke
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1. Black Stone Cherry Evil
2. King of the world On my way back home (live)
3. Emerson, Lake & Palmer Lucky Man (live)
4. Prince When doves cry (live)
5. David Bowie Heroes
6. King of the world Voodoo
7. Pristine Reboot
8. Jeff Lynn's ELO Alone in the Universe
9. Rival Sons Pretty Face
10. Andrea Schroeder My skin is like fire
11. Tiebreaker Building up to die
12. Queen Spread your wings
13. Eagles Guilty of the crime
14. Alvin Lee mit Scotty Moore Take my time
15. Leonhard Cohen Leaving the table
16. Peter Alexander Eine Muh, eine Mäh (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
17. Peter Alexander Weihnachtszeit ist Lichterzeit (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
18. Beach Boys Christmas Day (Weihnachtsschwärmerei)
19. The New Roses Dead Man's Voice
20. Aynsley Lister Troubled Soul / Kalina
21. Purple Rain Let your love shine
22. Peter Alexander Schöne Weihnacht